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International Education Providers Pull Out Support for Russia

International Education Providers Pull Out Support for Russia


With the conflict between Russia and Ukraine seemingly raging on even further with no end in sight, International Education providers pull out support for the Russian government.

This can be seen in how numerous entities have ceased their operations in Russia and Belarus, as well as become vocal against the Russian government.

English language testing providers such as IDP, which owns the IELTS testing together with the British Council and Cambridge Assessment English, have not only ceased accepting and offering testing in Russia. It likewise called for peace and an end to the conflict and the invasion by the Russian government of Ukraine.

The same goes for other English language testing providers such as Password English and ETS. The latter provides TOEFL, GRE, and TOEIC testing to international students seeking to study abroad. 

One very vocal player is Duolingo. An English language learning app that has ceased paying taxes to the Russian government. This is a way of showing that it does not condone the invasion of the Russian government on innocent Ukraine. 

These very same providers joined in the donations drive to pool around Euros 1 million in humanitarian aid for Ukrainian women and children who are gravely affected by the conflict in the region. With this fund, it is hoped that these innocent victims will be given food, clothing, shelter, and support during this trying time.

Apart from these, numerous countries like the UK, Ireland, Australia, and Canada have opened their borders and schools to Ukrainian international students who have fled the country to escape the conflict. 

Numerous education institutions within these countries have offered scholarships and other forms of assistance to ensure that these Ukrainian students are able to continue with their studies. Recently, we reported that medical students from Ukraine are being allowed to continue their studies even without the proper transcripts and documentation–given that these have been destroyed by the invading forces in the country.

If there’s one thing that all these groups and entities agree  upon, it’s that the invasion of Ukraine by Russia goes against the guiding principles of international education, namely, cultural solidarity and living in peace and harmony despite our differences in beliefs, culture, and other principles.

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