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How to Survive Your First Year in Ireland

How to Survive Your First Year in Ireland

How to Survive Your First Year in Ireland

Going to college in a new country to study in can be both an exciting and overwhelming experience for many people. However, anything new is bound to be challenging, what more if you are doing it in a different country like Ireland. Aside from adjusting to Ireland’s method of studying and teaching, you also have to adjust to the culture, the language, the cost of living, and so on. 

To help you, here are some tips you can follow to survive your first year in Ireland. 

Open a Bank Account 

The first thing you need to know once you are settled down in your new accommodation and school is to open a bank account. If you are staying in Ireland for one to four years, expect a lot of transactions where you need a bank account. Here are some of the things you can do with an Irish bank account: 

  • Easily get your salary if you are doing part-time work in Ireland
  • Less hassle when paying your school fees, bills, accommodation rent, and so on
  • In case you have plans of traveling to the other parts of Ireland, instead of bringing huge amounts of money, you can instead use the ATMs to withdraw money, without paying foreign fees. 

Moreover, if you are planning to stay in Ireland after you graduate, getting a bank account can already give you a head start with saving your money. 

Budget Well

One of the things you learn when you are living on your own is budgeting and managing your finances. The last thing you want to happen is to drop out or suddenly fly back to your home country because you have already depleted your allowance for your whole stay in Ireland. 

One of the tips to help you manage your money is to keep a budget plan. You can start by writing your expenses, including your tuition and other school-related fees, rent, bills, food expenses, transportation, and extra expenses for yourself. Also, during your first month, monitor how much you need to spend on some daily expenses, such as food and transportation so you will know how much you need to allot for the coming months. 

When you do those things, you will have an idea of your spending habits, making it easier to cut off expenses that are not that important. 

Eat Well and Exercise Regularly 

Self-care is important, do not forget to eat well and regularly exercise during your free time. If you are renting a place and have the freedom to cook whatever you want, learn to cook healthy food, it would help to learn some of them even before going to Ireland. 

When it comes to exercise, aside from cycling or jogging, even a short walk to the nearest park or any green space on your campus is enough. Also, learn some breathing exercises that you can use, especially during those times when you are overwhelmed with schoolwork.  

Your first year in Ireland may be one of the most challenging experiences you will have abroad. However, it is also the year you will get to experience a lot of new things. So, aside from following the tips above, learn to enjoy your first year by making friends and learning new stuff.

Want to start your journey in Ireland as a foreign student but do not know where to start? Check out our articles here at MSM Unify to learn some tips about studying abroad, and our list of study programs you can take abroad. 


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