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How to Make Friends in Barcelona as an International Student

6 Simple Ways to Make New Friends in College

Going to another country is hard, and meeting people is even harder. Sometimes simply talking to your classmates might feel a bit daunting, especially if you two don’t share the same interest. 

Here are some ways you can make new friends as an international student in Barcelona.

Try Couchsurfing is a great page for travelers to use to find a place to stay while staying in the city. The website allows people to offer their couches for travelers to stay for the night. This opens up a chance for people to talk to each other during their stay.

If you’re worried about your safety with Couchsurfing, a lot of travelers, even female travelers, have vouched for the safety of Couchsurfing. You can treat Couchsurfing as renting in a transient, with more chances of making friends.

In addition, there are couchsurfer circles that open many events and organize discussions with the members. Going out, having a coffee or a drink are just some of the activities they do. They meet other foreigners and speak in different languages that allow travelers to feel more comfortable.

Sometimes they offer other sub-groups for people who enjoy extreme sports, vegetarians, and people who play instruments. They are a platform where you can not only find friends but also enjoy a fun activity with them.

Use Meetup Groups

There are about 450 groups in Barcelona that are created thanks to Meetup. Here, you’d have many opportunities to meet people through joining many activities.

 You can easily type what your interests are in the search engine on the home page. Then, you’ll see a list of groups that organize events that match your search.

They have a mobile app that lets you search from anywhere and anytime. Most of them provide information in English, which makes it easier for people from other countries to join in. They are open to all nationalities, most of them are free, but others might cost €5 to €0 max.

Join Language Exchange Groups

Language exchange groups allow you to learn a new language. If you want to learn some Catalan or improve your Spanish, then joining a language exchange group goes a long way.

This also allows you to meet interesting people and learn about their culture. Going to movies, watching a show, or just going out for an outing are some activities that people do in a language exchange group.

There are universities in Barcelona that organize language exchanges for foreigners who want to learn Catalan. Sessions vary per university and you might be asked to attend weekly.

Curious about the various ways to make friends in your study destination? See our guide on how to expand your social circle as an international student here at MSM Unify to learn more. 


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