How do I convince my parents to let me study abroad in high school?

How do I convince my parents to let me study abroad in high school

Sending their children to study abroad is difficult for Indian parents. They need quite a bit of convincing to let you go abroad and fulfill your academic dreams. We will list all the points that will help you to convince your parents to send you abroad to study.


From a parent’s point of view, it is nerve-wracking to send your child to a different city ā€“ let alone another country. In recent times, from the COVID-19 pandemic to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, it is understandable for parents and guardians to feel apprehensive about sending their child abroad to pursue higher education.Ā 

Students can ease their parents’ or guardians’ minds by listing the many benefits of getting their education abroad. Both home countries and places hosting international students always offer support to the students. We have made a comprehensive list of cities that are student-friendly with a high standard of safety.

Also, there are numerous high school study abroad programs in various countries that can help you get an edge if you are looking for a degree in a higher education institution abroad.

So here are some good reasons you can use to convince and assure your parents that study abroad is both fun and safe!

1. Personal growth

This should be the main reason you tell your parents to send you abroad to study. Your growth as an individual matters. When you go abroad to study you will meet people from all walks of life. You will grow more mature because you will learn to respect every person regardless of race, gender, religion or social status.

All the judgmental inhibitions will wane off once you are in a foreign country. Apart from that, living and studying abroad will teach you to be more independent than your peers back home.

Studying abroad in UK will bring you tremendous opportunities to network with various people ā€“ from your part-time work to your teachers, everyone is a potential source for your next opportunity ā€“ whether to get references for college or insights on how to get into an industry of your interest.

2. Academic Advantages

Studying abroad gives you access to world-class education. Receiving education from a renowned international university can help progress your career forward. Studying in a foreign educational institution would be beneficial for your career aspirations.

3. Command Over Language

If you are interested in learning a new language, then studying at an international university is a good way to go about it. Day in and out you will be speaking the language you want to learn. It will overall improve the command of your language skills. It can be a valuable factor that will help in your overall growth.

You can convince your parents or guardian to let you study abroad in Australia by letting them know that you want to hone your communication skills by learning a new language in a foreign country.

4. Extra-Curricular DevelopmentĀ 

International institutions tend to look beyond students’ academic achievements. They encourage students to develop their hobbies into careers. For example, there might be a sport or activity that you are interested in that is prevalent in another country. Canada is one such country where people love to be outdoors and where you can find an activity that suits your interest.

For holistic development, you must develop not just academic excellence but also cultivate your interests. So, this can be one of the biggest factors for you to study abroad.


These points can help you convince your parents to understand why it is beneficial for you to study abroad. All the benefits that come along with studying in a foreign institution can help ensure a bright future for you. Attending school in a foreign place can be expensive but it is worth the cost for all the benefits it offers!


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