How to Apply for an MBA in the UK

How to Apply for an MBA in the UK 1

If you’ve been dreaming of adding an MBA to your list of credentials, then you should definitely look into business schools in the UK. Here’s a quick guide on how to apply:

Why Apply for an MBA in the UK?

The wonders of the UK are numerous. From rich cultural diversity to breathtaking destinations, it would be a sure miss if you don’t take the chance to explore its unmatched beauty.

And for aspiring international students, the UK is home to over 390 universities with over 130 business schools that offer MBA programs.

Applying For A Student Visa

The official website of the UK government has an online tool that allows you to determine which type of student visa you need to apply for. Generally, you can either go for the Short-Term Study Visa or the General Study Visa.

If you apply for an MBA in the UK, then you are likely to need a General Study Visa. The validity of this visa depends on the duration of your study, making it more apt for students taking an academic degree.

You can apply for a student visa on the official website of the UK government or through the UK embassy in your country. Keep in mind that you should apply at least three months in advance before your departure.

Here’s a list of the required documents for a student visa:

  • Valid passport
  • Duly completed visa application form
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Parent’s consent form (for students under 18 years old)
  • One passport size photograph

Depending on your home country, these required documents may vary, but the ones listed above are common requirements.

General Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree – Business schools in the UK usually require a bachelor’s grade equivalent to 50% to 60%, or higher depending on the school.

Standardized Tests – In most UK universities, the minimum GMAT score requirement is 600. But many business schools require higher scores of about 640 to 730.

English Language Proficiency Tests – Students who are from non-English speaking countries must take the IELTS or TOEFL. For IELTS, an applicant needs at least a 6.5 band, while for TOEFL, a score of at least 95 is required.

Letters of Recommendation – Most business schools typically require up to three recommendation letters. These letters must be of professional nature as academic recommendations are not accepted.

Academic CV – A candidate’s CV or resume must be recent and should outline both professional and educational history. 

Essay – An essay, usually referred to as the Statement of Purpose (SOP), must describe the candidate’s motivation for choosing a certain program. The essay can also include goals, both long-term projections, and short-term objectives while taking the MBA.

Admission Process

Admission processes vary depending on the school you’re applying for. But generally, here’s how a typical application process looks like:

  1. Determine program requirements
  2. Prepare required documents
  3. Submit requirements through the school’s online portal or in-person (whichever is necessary)
  4. Pay application fee
  5. Arrange pre-departure expenses and requirements

Pre-Departure Expenses

Expenses Cost in USD
Student Visa $445
IELTS $275
TOEFL $275

The UK is one of the leaders in global education and is also a great destination to pursue an MBA. Make sure to check out our other stories here at MSM Unify to find out more about taking an MBA in the UK.


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