Getting Into Graduate School Without a GRE Score

Getting Into Graduate School Without a GRE Score.

Taking the Graduate Record Examination or GRE can be a stressful and even expensive experience. Students who plan to take this test need ample time to prepare to achieve the minimum score requirement of the graduate school they’re applying for.

The GRE is a standardized test often required in graduate schools in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, and some parts of Europe. The test takes about three hours long, covering sections such as quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, and analytical writing.

If you’re intimidated by the GRE or simply cannot afford the costs of preparing for and taking the test, then we have great news for you. There are many graduate schools out there that don’t require the GRE in their admission process.

Graduate Schools That Don’t Require GRE

Some graduate schools don’t require the GRE for certain programs only, while others don’t require the GRE on all their programs. There are also instances where a GRE is optional or can be waived if an applicant satisfies certain conditions.

GRE is often used to profile the academic abilities of an applicant, but in graduate schools where this isn’t a requirement, candidates are instead evaluated on other areas such as undergraduate GPA and work experience. Note that if you are applying for a scholarship, you may be compelled to take the GRE and obtain a certain score.

Graduate Programs That Don’t Usually Require GRE

GRE requirement also depends on the area of study you want to take. For example, it’s usual for MBA programs to require the GRE or GMAT for admission. However, if your concentration is in Healthcare Management, then you may not have to take the GRE at all.

Here are some graduate programs that don’t require GRE:

Master of Fine Arts Programs

Master of Fine Arts (MFA) programs are more focused on creative innovations and artistic approaches to deliver meaning. Programs under Fine Arts typically include creative writing, theater, and music.

In the name of creative pursuit, most MFA programs don’t require the GRE. What is most valued is the applicant’s creative portfolio that summarizes and represents the applicant’s creative process across various mediums.

If you’re planning to pursue an MFA degree, then you should focus your energy on building your portfolio to submit for admission.

Online Master Degree Programs

It’s easy to discredit the benefits and value of online master’s programs since it breaks away from a traditional on-campus setting. But what most students don’t realize is that the curriculum online is almost always parallel to the lectures on campus but with extra benefits‚ÄĒaffordability, flexibility, and convenience.

Many reputable graduate schools offer online graduate programs to cater to the needs of students. Many graduate students don’t have the luxury to study full-time (as they might be busy with work), and online graduate programs often have options for part-time attendance only.

There are also plenty of accredited online master’s programs that grant students a certificate upon course completion. You can take programs related to business, information technology, public health, and more.

Taking the GRE for graduate school admission purposes can be a stressful experience. Fortunately, it’s possible to apply for a graduate school without taking this test. For more information about GRE requirements in graduate schools, check out our articles here at MSM Unify.


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