Free Things You Can Enjoy in Ireland

Top 3 Festivals in Ireland You Should Visit

Studying abroad can be expensive. Thus, it is important that students know how to manage their money, and save as much as they can.

In fact, in Ireland, international students are required to have at least EUR 7,000 in their bank for one academic year, or, EUR 500 per month. 

For students in Ireland, getting discounts through their student ID cards can go a long way. 

Did you know that there are more free things you can enjoy in Ireland? 

Read below to know more. 

Enjoy Free Performances on the Streets of Dublin

Busking is popular in Ireland and has been around for a long time, especially in cities such as Dublin, where buskers play different instruments and music. 

In Dublin, you can check out Grafton Street, a street that is popular with many tourists. 

If you catch these performances for free, you can donate any amount you can.

Moreover, if you are lucky, especially during Christmas, you might even catch popular musicians busking in Grafton Street. Popular musicians, such as Bono and Hozier, are known to have visited the street to busk for charity. 

More Live Music at Galway

It can’t be overstated that the Irish love music. It’s a huge part of their culture, among dancing and storytelling. 

If you are staying in Galway and want to experience Irish pub culture, don’t miss the chance to visit Monroe’s Tavern, one of Ireland’s long-standing pubs. 

There, you can listen to its free live music, seven times a week, including traditional Irish sounds and ballads. 

The tavern has been around for a long time and has even hosted many internationally popular musicians. In terms of its menu, you can either go there for a casual coffee or enjoy a pint of Guinness.

Visit Waterford, the Oldest City of Ireland

You can visit the oldest city in the country and travel back in time to the Viking Triangle. 

You can either join a guided tour or explore the city and the Waterford Viking Triangle on your own. Around the triangle, there are also some museums where you can visit the famous Reginald’s Tower. Although the entrance to the tower (and the Viking Museum within) is not free, as a student, you can get in with a discount. 

The other two museums you can visit in the triangle include the Medieval Museum and the Bishop’s Palace Museum.

Visit the Forty Foot in Sandycove for a Dip

If you love the waters, swimming, and are based in Dublin, visit Forty Foot. you can go there from the city center via a train ride. 

The locals love the place, especially during Christmas, at St. Stephen’s day, where many brave the coldness of the water to join this long-standing tradition. Moreover, aside from Christmas, you can visit the place all year around. 

Those are just some of the free things you can enjoy in Ireland. Learn more places and activities, including festivals, that you can enjoy while in Ireland by checking our articles at MSM Unify.


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