Expect These Things When You Study in Dubai

Expect These Things When You Study in Dubai 1

If you’re planning to live and study in Dubai, you must leave your own biases behind and try to experience the city as it is. 

For many individuals in different parts of the world, the Middle East is a mysterious place, despite the region opening up to other countries and becoming one of the most modern cosmopolitan cities in the world. 

To help people learn and adjust, here are some things to expect if you’re planning to live and study in Dubai. 

People Speak English 

Maybe you’re planning to study Arabic to make it easier to live in Dubai. Learning your host country’s main language is a good idea, but in Dubai, many people actually speak English. Although Arabic is the official language of the UAE, the population in Dubai, which is mostly expats (more than 70% of the population), has made English the most spoken language in the city. In fact, many of its signages, including road signs, are both in Arabic and English. 

Also, many private schools and international schools in Dubai also teach in English. In other institutions, Arabic is the medium of instruction but uses English as a second language. 

Many institutions in Dubai teach in Arabic but use English as a second language.

It Has a Vibrant Nightlife

Many people living outside the UAE, knowing it is located in the Middle East, may have this idea that people there do not know how to party. On the contrary, Dubai is actually famous for its diverse and vibrant nightlife. In fact, many in-demand artists also perform in Dubai regularly. 

Dubai also has a lot of bars and nightclubs you can visit. Just make sure to bring any valid ID, and that you are of legal age before you can enter Dubai’s many bars and clubs and try its alcoholic drinks. The legal drinking age in Dubai is 21-years-old, and just like other rules in the country, clubs and bars always follow it. 

It Has a Diverse Population 

The majority of Dubai’s population consists of expats. In fact, in 2018, expats make up 88.5% of the population, while Emiratis only make up the remaining 11.5%. Expats in Dubai consist of people coming from the following countries: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Iran, Egypt, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and China. Among them, the greater majority comes from India and Pakistan. Thus, if you really want to experience a diverse international country, and meet other international students from diverse backgrounds, Dubai is the place to be.

Also, racism in any way is not tolerated in Dubai, and it is backed up by their law. In 2015, the UAE passed its anti-discrimination law, which criminalizes all forms of discrimination on religion, race, ethnicity, creed, caste, and doctrine. 

It is an Expensive Place

Dubai is an expensive place. In fact, according to Expatra, the cost of living in Dubai is already the same as in central London. Thus, if you are planning to study there, make sure you have enough money or financial support to live comfortably. From housing to bills, and groceries, everything is expensive. Although international students can apply for scholarships or other financial aid to support their study in Dubai. 

If you’re planning to study in Dubai, it would help to know more information about the city. If you want to learn more about Dubai and the UAE, check out MSM Unify’s other articles.


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