Easiest Majors for College Students

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Picking a major for your college years can be tough, especially since there are many different choices that can suit your career ambitions, so there’s a chance you might have wondered: what are the easiest college majors?

Of course, the definition of “easy” is relative. You might excel in a subject, but that might not be the case for other students, and vice versa. It is important to take note of this while deciding on a college major. No matter what your reasons are, you can make the right choices by stepping back and looking at the bigger picture.

Try to assess your strengths and weaknesses, education goals, study habits, career aspirations, and more. Consider these several factors to make your goal of taking an easy college major a reality.

The difficulty of a college major depends on your skills, hard work, interest or passion, and the environment in which you’re learning. But we can rely on statistics to see which majors are easier than others by looking at the higher graduation rates. Even though it is not guaranteed for every student, it is still worth researching about them to see if they can fit your skills, interests, and goals.

Business Administration

While business administration is often thought to be simple, classes can differ greatly based on your goals. Homework loads are often minimal, though the GPA averages are high. According to the US Department of Education, top undergraduate institutions that offer Business as a major have an average graduation rate of 89.11%. Students who choose this major may pursue a career in human resources, start their own business, or work in government.


Despite the belief that psychology appears to be a difficult major, this course has an average graduation rate of 89.9% in elite schools. For example, Princeton University has a 97.9% graduation rate in psychology. Psychologists are the most common career for those who major in this field, although others work in business, criminal justice, and charity.


English could be a good choice for you if you enjoy reading and dissecting works. Students can study writing, marketing, business, public relations, and a range of other subjects. It also has a staggering 94.25% average graduation rate at the best English schools and 97.9% at Princeton University.

Criminal Justice

Criminal justice, sometimes known as criminology, is the fourth major with a high average graduation rate. The University of Maryland – College Park has an 87.07% graduation rate for this major, whereas the top universities in the United States have a 75.83% graduation rate. Graduates can work as a cop, a correction officer, a lawyer, a conservation officer, or an FBI agent, to name a few professions.

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