Different Discount Cards You Can Access in Switzerland

Different Discount Cards You Can Access in Switzerland

Switzerland may be an expensive place to live. Thus, for many international students, knowing the different discount cards they can access in Switzerland is crucial for saving money. 

Read this article to know and learn more about them.

Living in Switzerland

It is not a secret that Switzerland has a high cost of living, and is an expensive place to live. In fact, for many international students, to be able to stay and study in Switzerland, non-EU/EEA students first need to have a budget of CHF 21,000 (USD 22,908.75) for one year to get a student visa. 

Aside from its impressive economy, the country also has a high quality of life that makes it an expensive place to live. However, despite that, there are still many ways to save money in the country. In fact, the country offers free and accessible education. Students only have to pay CHF429.50 to CHF 3972.91 per year in its public universities. 

Aside from that, there are other ways students can access free and discounted stuff and services in Switzerland. Mostly, through discount cards, or their student IDs. 

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Different Discount Cards Students Can Access in Switzerland

International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

ISIC provides discounts to international students in different countries worldwide, and one of those countries is Switzerland. 

The card provides international students access to hundreds of thousands of discounts, from products to services and unique experiences they can use in their student life and life abroad.  

Thus, you can also use it when buying food or shopping. 

Some of the discounts also include subscriptions from bookstores, or journals, software licenses, restaurants and cafes, travel passes and tickets, cinemas, and so on. 

This way, educational opportunities for students are increased while enjoying life and other activities abroad. 


Swiss Museum Pass

Switzerland is home to over 900 museums located across the country. Some of its biggest museums showcase artworks made by famous Swiss and international masters and collections of historical artifacts and exhibits from Switzerland and other parts of the world. 

Meanwhile, some smaller museums focus on the local history of each village or more niched topics. 

If you love museums and want to visit as many museums with their unique and temporary exhibits, you must get a Swiss Museum Pass. The pass allows you access to over 500 museums in Switzerland for one year. 


Travel Passes

If you commute every day, or love traveling this discount card/pass can be very useful for you. The Swiss Travel Pass allows unlimited travel by train, bus, and boat, all over the country, free admission to over 500 Swiss museums, and discounts to its railways. Moreover, if you are a student under the age of 26, you can buy the travel pass at a 15% discount, with the same advantages as a regular pass. However, these can only be used for 15 days max. Thus, it can be useful for students who are staying in Switzerland for short-term study abroad programs. 

For students in Zurich, you can buy a “ZQ Network Pass” which can give you unlimited access to the city’s trams, buses, trains, boats, and so on. 

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If you are planning to travel many times to different parts of Switzerland, you can buy a half-fare card, allowing you to buy tickets for the bus, train, cable cars, and other local transports for half a price. 


Aside from these different discount cards, you can also access some discounts in Switzerland when you show your valid student card in accessing some transportation modes, opening a free account in some banks, and watching in some cinemas, or special showing for students. 

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