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Affordable Places and Activities in Ireland for Students

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Due to its location in western Europe, many people believe Ireland to be an expensive country to live in. Sure, the cost of living in the country is higher than in many countries, but there are various ways to enjoy Ireland without splurging a lot of money. 

Ireland is a well-known study destination, thus, it knows how to cater to students’ needs. There are many free or affordable places and activities in Ireland that students can enjoy. 

Below are some of them.

Listen to Free Music Anywhere

Music is a core part of Irish culture. You can access free music performances on the streets or pubs of Dublin through its buskers and street performers. 

Usually, they start performing in the afternoon, and throughout the night. Some of the famous places for street performers are in Grafton or Henry Street. 

When you visit an Irish pub, expect live music, especially during the weekends. Depending on the pub, you can witness modern music, folk songs, or musicians playing traditional instruments such as fiddles, bagpipes, flutes, and traditional drums. 

Check Out the Farmers’ Market

Buying locally through farmers’ markets has become the bedrock of Ireland’s local community in the past years. If you are a student looking for affordable ingredients and food, and also want to have a better glimpse of the Irish culture, then a visit to the farmers’ market is a must. 

Although farmers’ markets are usually a fixture in Ireland’s many towns, big cities such as Dublin have them too. In a farmers’ market, you can usually see a diverse selection of shops selling fresh produce such as fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, and so on. Aside from that, you can also buy other ingredients and spices, bread, pastries, drinks, and other street food. 

Moreover, stuff you can buy in a farmers’ market is usually cheaper than the ones you can buy in big supermarkets.

Enjoy Ireland’s Festivals For Free

Ireland has a lot of festivals‚ÄĒsome are celebrated nationwide, while others are celebrated in certain towns or cities. No matter where you plan to study in this country, you will experience at least one festival.¬†

During Irish festivals, you will get free access to concerts, street performances, comedy acts, and even food (if not for free, you can buy them at an affordable price). 

Although Irish festivals happen all year round, most of them happen during summer, so be sure to plan well if you are planning to attend many festivals during your stay in the country. Some of its famous festivals are the Kilkenny Cat Laughs Festival, Galway Oyster Festival, Puck Fair, and of course, St. Patrick’s Day (which is also celebrated in other parts of the world). 

Knowing the affordable places and activities in Ireland can help students enjoy their stay in the country while studying. If you want to know other ways to make your living abroad experience in Ireland more affordable, check out MSM Unify.


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