A Quick Guide to Studying in Dubai for International Students

A Quick Guide to Studying in Dubai for International Students e1646732020647

Evaluating potential study destinations can sometimes be taxing. You have to think about the student life, accommodation, and insurance, among others.

You may get baffled by a long list of things that you need to consider as an international student. But if you’re choosing a study destination in the United Arab Emirates, why not choose Dubai?

Dubai is one of the most sought-after cities in the globe. Its appeal is rooted in the rich metropolitan life and diverse culture. As a foreign student, fun and learning are basically endless in this glamorous city.

Here’s a quick guide to studying in Dubai as an international student:

Accommodation for International Students

The best thing about Dubai is the availability of all types of accommodation. Your first choice is on-campus student housing provided by your respective university. 

This will be helpful for you since your home will be a walking distance of your campus. Through this, you can save money that you can allot for other things. Make sure to quickly secure a slot because they come in very limited numbers.

If you can’t make it to the cut, there are still other options. You can look at many affordable studio apartments for rent throughout Dubai.

Work Opportunities in Dubai

If you wish to work for extra income or allowance, you can apply for part-time jobs and internships in Dubai. Part-time jobs in Dubai are available as both on-campus and off-campus work.

There are certain limitations that you must follow as an international student. You are only allowed to work for up to a determined number of hours.

Dealing With Culture Shock

Because the UAE region consists of 200 nationalities, cultures are also diverse. It’s difficult to distinguish various traditions that could sometimes lead to culture shock.

You also need to know the basics about Islam being their official religion in UAE. You must be cautious of certain rules like wearing modest clothing. Don’t forget to check UAE laws before flying to Dubai.

Health Insurance

As an international student, who Study in UAE, get sick is a serious matter. That’s why it is important for you to have health insurance as it is a requirement when applying for a student visa. 

The health care system in Dubai is top-rate and expensive, so your health insurance will help you. It is necessary for you to get health insurance to offset medical costs.

Student Life

The highlight of your endeavor is life as an international student in Dubai. Don’t forget to enjoy your journey by taking quick breaks and occasional traveling.

Not everything needs to be expensive. Some of the things that you can enjoy in Dubai as an international student are free. You just have to discover them!

The most essential key to enjoy this career-defining endeavor is knowledge. Fortunately, MSM Unify has all the resources you need to study abroad. Don’t forget to check our stories out to discover more about Dubai and the UAE.


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