7 Tips to Pass an English Language Proficiency Test

Worried about your test scores in the IELTS or TOEFL? Studying English for a test can be a frustrating ordeal. But you don’t have to resort to boring methods to ace these exams.

There are plenty of fun, easy, and practical tips you can try to improve your English. Apart from the specifics such as grammar, you must also understand colloquial English. All these simple learnings can help maximize your success in the test.  

If you want to pass an English language test, you can try out these tips to help you improve in the language:

Listen to English Music

English songs won’t get you into the formalities of the English language, but they’re great for building comprehension. 

Songs are like pieces of stories stitched with rhythm and beats. Some songs are pop-based, playful, and tend to have double meanings. While other songs use vivid imagery and figures of speech to evoke an emotion.

Understanding these song structures can help you distinguish how to use certain words. Moreover, it helps you associate certain phrases with emotions to produce an image. 

Indulge in English TV Shows and Films

An enjoyable way to improve your English is to watch TV shows and films. You may find learning a lot easier due to the visual and audio cues injected in each scene.

Watching with subtitles is a great idea too. But as soon as you get the hang of it, you can start your following shows without one. 

Keep a Journal

Journaling is an effective way to relax the mind while improving your skills. No one except you will get to see your journal so there’s no need to feel conscious about your grammar. 

Keeping a journal is like keeping a record of your progress in learning English. You can flip through the past pages and see how well you’ve improved since.

Download Language Exchange Apps

Online exchange apps connect you with people who want to learn another language.  You can get matched with an English speaker who wants to learn your language.

You can try apps such as HiNative, Biligua, and HelloTalk. It’s a great way to meet new people too!

Try Out Practice Tests Online

You’ll find an abundant resource on the web related to English language tests. There are quizzes, practice sheets, and some test samples.

English tests follow a specific format that you need to be familiar with. You’re one Google search away from accessing these practice papers. 

Engage in Social Media Using English

Another great way to improve your English is to engage in social media using the language. If you’re unaware of your weak areas, other users will point them out to you. 

Some are polite while others are a lot harsher in illuminating your mistakes. Make sure to filter who you engage with wisely to avoid these issues. 

Practice With a Friend

Finally, to practice your English-speaking skills, grab a friend who wants to learn the language too. Learning is more fun when you and your partner can help each other out.

With a friend, you’ll have someone to hold you accountable whenever you’re slacking. It’s also a great way to bond and spend the day.

Simple practice techniques can go a long way when learning the English language. Check out MSM Unify to find more tips to pass English language tests for international studies. 


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