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7 Things You Must Do Before Studying in Ireland

Studying in Ireland What You Need To Know 1

Ireland may not be in the upper crust of study destinations. But it surely is a phenomenal place to be.

Those who want to chase their degrees in Ireland can expect a dashing student life. To achieve this, you need to infuse your preparation plan with a pinch of practical tips.

Going to Ireland without ample research will have you hanging on a slim thread. Ensure that you have the right knowledge before leaving home.

Here are seven things you must do before studying in Ireland:

Learn About Irish Life, Culture, and Education

As per the 2021 World Happiness Report, Ireland seized 13th place as the happiest country in the world. Hailed as the Emerald Isle, it’s also a planet’s gem of spectacular natural beauty.¬†

Learning more about Ireland allows you to grasp the essence of your education. You can focus your research on Irish culture and customs to expand your knowledge. For education, you can start by comparing the grading system to understand how it works.

Secure a Comfortable Student Accommodation

Nothing beats going home to a pleasant place after a rough day at school. Make sure that you have nice accommodation to settle in during your studies.

You can choose between on-campus or off-campus accommodation. You can also opt to stay with a host family if you want to adjust fast.

Prepare Documents To Open a Bank Account

Once you arrive in Ireland, you need a bank account for better money management. Various banks implement their requirements and packages for international students.

See our quick guide to banking in Ireland to learn more about this matter. Just make sure that your documents are correct and complete.

Curate a Fun, Bucket List

You don’t have to restrict yourself to 24/7 academics. You must also explore the beauty of Ireland as part of your learning.

Curate a bucket list of places you want to visit whenever you find the time. You can also make a checklist of Irish food you must try to satisfy your cravings.

Keep a List of Important Contact Numbers

Most international students tend to forget to keep a list of important numbers. Before flying to Ireland, collect the numbers of essential services. These include emergency numbers for the ambulance, fire department, or local police.

If you have a roommate, make sure that you have their numbers too. Send them a message (whenever you need to), so you can stay safe during your studies.

Find Ways To Cope With Culture Shock

Culture shock is a normal phenomenon, especially for first-timers. It can affect your physical, mental, and emotional health if not addressed. Sometimes, it can even lead to more serious problems.

Find ways to cope with culture shock before arriving in Ireland. Anticipating the experience will shield you better from the effects.

There are several things you must do before studying in Ireland. It all boils down to preparing for your study abroad journey.


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