6 Things To Check Before Choosing a Flat in the UK

6 Things To Check Before Choosing a Flat in the UK e1644481642981

Finding the perfect flat in the United Kingdom while studying abroad sounds like a quest out of a fairytale. The perfect flat may not exist and the journey may lead to a bitter ending.

Some flat listings disguise the place’s flaws to entice unknowing foreign students. Fortunately, you can avoid falling under the spells of misinformation.Ā 

During your apartment hunt, there are a lot of things you must look into. This can be water leaks, wall cracks, or major maintenance issues that can cause trouble.

Your observation skills will be of great use when choosing a flat in the UK. Here are six things you must check before signing that tenancy contract:

Security Tools and Services To Shield You From Potential Danger

You’re always one faulty security measure away from danger. Flats with surveillance systems and door alarms are an absolute plus. For the basics, secure locks must be on your doors and windows.

If the flat is in a high-rise property, check for emergency fire exits and alarms. There must also be fire extinguishers at strategic points in the property.

Dependable Utilities To Ensure Your Comfort and Convenience

Upon inspection, ask the landlord about the utilities in the place. Does it have an adequate water supply? Would there be any issues with energy usage?

Of course, there’s nothing preventing your landlord from lying. It’s best to check these concerns for yourself. Turn all the faucets on and try the toilet flush too. Plugin some small devices to test the electricity.

Possible Sources of Pest Infestation Problems

Pest infestation is a serious and costly problem that is detrimental to your comfort and health. Look for telling signs of pest existence in the place. This can be nesting places, evidence of grease marks, and pest droppings.

Included Furniture and Appliances That You Can Use

Some flats may offer a nice couch and bed for tenants. Others also come with appliances such as toasters, refrigerators, and washing machines.

Your tenancy agreement must list which items you can use. This is essential especially if you’ll be having roommates. You have to make sure the furniture and appliances can cater to all tenants.

Proper Air Circulation and Entry for Natural Light

Having a proper ventilation system must also be in consideration. Some flats have a centralized cooling system, which is better for indoors. Natural light must also flood into the place so you can save a bit on daytime energy.

Signs of Mold Buildup in Walls, Ceilings, and Windows

Mold buildup produces an unpleasant smell and other visible signs of dampness. It can also damage your items inside the place, and worse, your health.

If you ever see signs of molding on the walls, windows, or ceilings, turn the offer down. It’s never a good idea to rent a flat with obvious molding.

Choosing the right flat demands you to inspect your options. If you want more tips on apartment renting, browse our blogs here at MSM Unify. We have plenty of resources you can read through.


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