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6 Best Colleges for Students With Low SATs

6 Best Colleges for Students with Low SATs.

We can agree that even students who’ve got a strong academic record might not do well on standardized tests. As time passes, this has continuously brought attention to many schools, thus the list of test-optional colleges is continuing to expand. Other prestigious universities mandate standardized test scores, but their average scores are below compared to the elite liberal arts colleges and Ivy League.

Please keep in mind that the list is not for below-average students. Rather, it is for students who excel academically who perhaps aren’t just doing well when it comes to standardized tests.

Alfred University

Alfred University is a gem hidden away in Western New York, with its castle on a hill, one of the nation’s high-ranking art schools, a highly renowned engineering department, and a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa for excelling in the liberal arts and sciences. Don’t forget to bring your horse, as Alfred is one of the best equestrian colleges in the country. Alfred University has an SAT Reading of 450 over 570, and an SAT Math of 470 over 580.

Hampshire College

Hampshire College is known for not conforming to the norm, so it’s not a surprise that test-optional admissions are available in this school. Hampshire might be a good fit if you prefer to think outside the box, love debate, want to design your major, and want to be evaluated by your skills, rather than numbers. 

Washington College

Washington College, which is located in Chestertown, Maryland, has a long and abundant history, having been founded in 1782 under the patronage of George Washington. For its various strengths in the liberal arts and sciences, the college was recently awarded a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. The school does consider test-optional admissions.

Arcadia University

Arcadia University, located just 25 minutes from Philadelphia’s Center City, offers small classes and one of the best study abroad programs in the country. Gray Towers Castle is a spectacular historic monument that cannot be missed by visitors. With below-average SAT scores, you’re unlikely to get admission, but average scores can suffice if you have other assets. Arcadia University has an SAT Reading of 498 over 600, and an SAT Math of 498 over 600.

Pitzer College

Don’t let Pitzer’s small size deceive you; students can take classes at any of the Claremont Colleges. Students may expect a lot of student-faculty interaction at the college, which places a heavy focus on studying abroad and community service. Pitzer excels in the social sciences in particular. Pitzer has test-optional admissions.

Sarah Lawrence College

Students will notice that teaching is valued more than faculty research at Sarah Lawrence, with a student-to-faculty ratio of 10 to 1. In reality, Sarah Lawrence was a pioneer in the test-optional movement, because the application process doesn’t consider standardized test scores. The college’s tranquil campus has a quaint European village vibe to it.

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