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5 Reasons Why You Should Take Both SAT and ACT

5 Reasons Why You Should Take Both SAT and ACT 1

It may be overwhelming at first but a large percentage of students consider it. They apply to selective colleges and submit both test scores.

There are a few good reasons why it may be best for you to take both the SAT and ACT Exam and test. Here’s why:

The admissions panel encourages it

As Janet Rapelye, the dean of admissions of Princeton University, said in The New York Times article, “I don’t know all the pieces of why this is happening, but I think more students are trying to make sure they’ve done everything they can,” Rapelye said.

“And for us, more information is always better. If students choose one or the other, that’s fine, because both tests have value. But if they submit both, that generally gives us a little more information,” she added.

Also, some colleges report a quarter or more of their students submitted test scores for the two exams.

Prepares you more efficiently

If you are applying to a top-notch university and drafting a stellar college application, you may end up wanting to take the SAT or ACT more than once to gain your target scores. Planning to take both tests will help you make an informed decision on which test will best show your strengths and capabilities. You don’t need to exert more time to prepare for both tests.

Increases your chance of receiving a merit aid

The two tests can still be used even if you did not apply to a college that does not require such admissions tests. Scores from ACT or SAT can be considered for student benefits such as merit-based financial aid and many other scholarship applications.

Can be a substitute for the other

If you think that taking both tests is already a lot, it actually isn’t so. Other schools may be requiring ACT scores or SAT scores plus two to three other SAT subject tests. And if you plan to take the SAT and something goes wrong on your SAT subject tests, the ACT can help cover it up as a replacement.

Gives more options

Probably the most common reason why students take both admissions tests is for better options. If they score higher on the SAT than the ACT, then they will choose to submit the SAT scores.

Moreover, planning to take both tests trains you to be flexible in choosing test dates. 

Preparing for one test can be tiring, but for two may be daunting. But we have provided very good reasons why you take both tests. After all, both exams will make you ready for those college exams that you will take in the future.

Worried about how you will prepare for your ACT or SAT? Here at MSM Unify, we’ve got you covered. Browse our other articles to learn more about standardized tests.


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