5 Reasons to Study in Dubai

5 Reasons to Study in Dubai 1

If you’ve had doubts about studying in Dubai, it’s time to revamp your views. The United Arab Emirates may not be as popular as other study destinations, but it offers equally unique opportunities for international students.

Dubai is a stunning city in the UAE. It’s a luxurious metropolis defined by progressive cultures and lifestyles. Compared to other regions, Dubai offers more freedom to both domestic and foreign students. This makes Dubai a compelling study destination for students all over the world.¬†

If you want to find a reason to study in Dubai, you’ll find a treasure trove of them here. Read on to find more things that will convince you to choose Dubai as your study destination:

Get Exposed to Diverse Cultures and Nationals

There are misconceptions about the UAE being culturally homogeneous. The truth is, the UAE is one of the most diverse countries in the world. With thousands of tourists and immigrants, you can expect a congenial environment for foreigners in the UAE.

As the center of the economy of the UAE, Dubai is a melting pot of various nationalities in languages. Walking on its streets alone, you’ll see many foreign faces and hear words apart from Arabic.¬†

Religion is diverse in Dubai as well. The UAE, despite being an Islamic country, is home to people who practice Christianity, Buddhism, and more. 

State-of-the-Art Educational Facilities in Universities

Studying in Dubai grants you access to innovative learning facilities. These facilities can rival most globally recognized facilities in top study destinations.

Most facilities in public and private universities are accredited. The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research or MOHESR accredits these facilities, which signifies their top-notch quality. 

Some universities also have accreditation based on the United States System. These accreditation affirm the high standards that these universities follow. 

Safe Environment for International Students

Dubai follows Sharia Law, which includes a code of conduct that both citizens and foreigners must follow. 

Most laws are strict but are fairly reasonable to ensure protection. For example, people are not allowed to get drunk in public. Both men and women are also encouraged to wear modest clothes. 

Countless Opportunities to Explore

There are many must-visit tourist destinations in Dubai, each offering a unique perspective on UAE life. There’s the Dubai Marina, a skyscraper that encapsulates a luxurious Dubai life. There’s also the iconic Burj Khalifa that will shame any edifice with its glorious height and beauty.

If you love to travel, Dubai is your gateway to seeing the rest of the UAE. You’re guaranteed to have fun and enjoy your stay while studying in the city.

Taste a Variety of Cuisines

As mentioned, Dubai is a hotspot of many nationalities. Those who have settled in the city have established businesses that feature unique flavors from their home countries.

Apart from delectable traditional foods, you’ll also get to taste cuisine from other cultures. There are Filipino dishes, Indian meals, Japanese food, and more.¬†

Dubai is one of the most progressive cities in the UAE, making it conducive for international studies. If you want to study in Dubai, check out what else our resources have to offer here at MSM Unify.


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