5 Interesting Facts About Switzerland for Students

5 Interesting Facts About Switzerland for Students

One of the most difficult decisions a student will ever make is whether or not to study abroad. That’s why they spend so much time and effort deciding on the best university in the best country. Every country welcomes a large number of international students and strives to provide them with the best opportunities they can offer.

One country that strives to make every effort to attract students in Switzerland. But why study in Switzerland if you can study anywhere in the world? What makes the country the perfect study abroad destination? Let’s have a look.

An education system that is on par with the best in the world

Switzerland offers a well-regarded educational system, so studying there makes perfect sense. This country is noted for its high standards and active learning-based teaching approaches. It is not only a high-quality education system, but it is also reasonably priced. Tuition fees at several prestigious Swiss public colleges do not exceed CHF 1,000 (USD 1,100).

There are a large number of international students in universities

International students are present in every country. Switzerland is no exception. In Switzerland, foreign students account for 20% of the student body. International students are drawn to Switzerland because of its renowned academic system, affordable living costs, and numerous scholarship opportunities.

Salary levels are high, and unemployment is low

As one of the wealthiest countries in the world with a stable economy, it’s only fair that workers in this country earn some of the highest wages in Europe. On average, Swiss workers earn CHF 6,502 (USD 7,140) every month. Switzerland placed second in the OECD for average yearly wages, with CHF 62,300 (USD 68,400).

In the year 2019, the unemployment rate in Switzerland was merely 4.87 percent. The majority of Swiss workers are well-educated and well-versed in their fields of employment. This results in Switzerland offering higher-paying positions. All that to say‚ÄĒstudying abroad in Switzerland could open doors to incredible job opportunities in the country later on.

All of this is to indicate that studying in Switzerland could lead to fantastic work prospects in the future.

The country is very safe

Switzerland is ranked the tenth-safest country in the world by the Global Peace Index. Low crime rates and strict gun rules are only a few of the reasons that have contributed to Switzerland’s safety image. This contributes a big part to international students’ deciding factor.

A high standard of living

Although Switzerland is one of the most costly countries to live in, its citizens get excellent value for their money. Switzerland had an overall score of 88.87 out of 100 in three primary indexes‚ÄĒbasic human needs (medical care, shelter, and sanitation), the foundation of well-being (education, life expectancy, and technological access), and opportunity (freedom of choice, tolerance, and personal rights). So, it is unlikely that you wouldn‚Äôt enjoy your stay in the country.

Switzerland is a great country to study. Browse through our other articles here at MSM Unify to learn more about Switzerland as a study destination.


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