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4 Ways to Get a Part-Time Job in Barcelona as an International Student

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There are a lot of jobs that international students can do in Barcelona, but not everyone knows where to start looking. You can always go to every establishment and see if they are hiring, but it would always feel tiring to do so.

Here are some places you can check to find a part-time job in Barcelona:


Infojobs is an online platform that allows people to look up jobs that are available in Europe. It is the first privately owned career network in Europe and one of the most popular sites on the Internet.

It was founded in 1998 and has improved its users’ experience with new features and services, growing its global community with international expansion. You can easily look up which jobs are closest to your location or look up rates in which you can get paid.

You can also use their platform if you are looking for a more stable and long-lasting job after graduation. They work with many known companies and industries in Europe that are looking for more employees.


Indeed is an international working platform for people to look up jobs, whether part-time or full-time. They are available in many countries and not just in Spain or Europe. There are both remote and work-from-home jobs available on their platform.

The great thing about them is that they have an available application where you can look up jobs whenever and wherever. You can look up which jobs you want as well as which ones are closer to your location.


Freelancer is a great platform for both the employer and those who are looking for jobs, everything from posting a job offer and getting a job is free. Their platform shows how much you can get paid in front of each offer, making it easy for you to decide.

You’ll be able to easily locate which type of freelance job to choose from, from their list of categories. There are over 1,800 different categories, from web-designing to manufacturer, as well as e-commerce and others. They have over 20 million job offers from all different categories.

Magazines and Papers

The magazines and papers are another good way to look for a part-time job in Barcelona. You’ll be able to find many job offers in the employment section of the newspaper and magazines. Although this way may be less effective than the other, there are still people who would put offers in the papers.

If you can find a network signal from where you’re located, you can always look up the papers if you’re job hunting. They will divide which jobs are of the same fields, like business, which would be separated from part-time jobs.

Check out our list of pros and cons of taking a part-time job to see if this kind of setup will work for you during your studies.


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