4 Unique Pieces You Can Find in St. Petersburg

4 Unique Pieces You Can Find in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is the second-largest city in Russia with millions of saved history, preserved in its museums and landmarks. The single State Hermitage museum houses three million works that have been scavenged around the world and preserved in a single roof.

There are other museums in St. Petersburg including the Faberge Museums, which hold one of the most precious gems in Russian history. 

Besides the wondrous pieces that can be found in Museums, there are a lot of souvenirs that you can buy in the souvenir shops around the area or near the museums. 

With that said, here are unique pieces that you can find in St. Petersburg:

Fabergé Eggs

There are exactly 50 Faberge eggs that were made by the house of Faberge between 1885 to 1917. Currently, they have become museum artifacts and cannot be bought by the public, but you can still find replicas of them online.

Traditionally, these eggs contain a little surprise on the inside, such as a jewel or a family portrait. Most of them were made as Easter gifts for the Russian Royal family and were presented to the Russian Emperors. 

Imperial Porcelain

The Lomonosov Porcelain Factory is one of the best china manufacturers in Russia, if not the best, and are the makers of Imperial Porcelains. It was established during the 1700s in the town of Oranienbaum, with Engineer Dmitry Vinogradov developing porcelain that is similar to the Saxon that was heavily guarded secret.

At first, the porcelains were only available for the Imperial family, however, as time went on, it has been available for the public to purchase. They have a signature pattern of a cobalt net, which has become the trademark of the factory ever since.

Amber Souvenirs

Amber is Russia’s symbol for health and prosperity, and amber with the Russian land would make a lovely decoration for your house. The most interesting type of amber often shows a yellowish color or a green one.

To avoid purchasing fake products, make sure to buy them from authorized dealers, specialized shops, or workshops near museums. The simplest amber would cost about $70, although it isn’t cheap, it could still be nice memorabilia of being able to visit St. Petersburg.

Russian Fur Hat

You might have already seen these hats on the internet and have been a unique headpiece that people can easily discern. They often come with an ear flap to cover your ears from Russia’s cold weather, and if you don’t want to have them covering your ears, you can tie them on top of the hat.

Although the hat is thick, it can only be used as head defense when you’re playing snowball fights with friends. Of all the souvenirs available in St. Petersburg, this one has the most use and practicality. In Addition, your Russian trip wouldn’t be complete without one.

There are many unique pieces you can buy in St. Petersburg, and each of them either has strong historical value or practical use. Once you’ve collected these amazing finds, feast on some must-try Russian food to complete your day!


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