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4 Reasons That Make Scotland a Top Destination for International Students

4 Reasons That Make Scotland a Top Destination for International Students

4 Reasons That Make Scotland a Top Destination for International Students

Scotland is where culture and modernity dwell in great harmony. With its picturesque landscapes and breathtaking sights, Scotland is a remarkable destination for any student.

Scotland’s small population of only 5.5 million people gives it a sense of space for international learners. This also allows for more one-on-one lectures that foster academic growth.

From its renowned universities and amazing culture, Scotland is one of the United Kingdom’s best places to study in. Here are four reasons to add Scotland as one of your options for international education:

More Women in Technology

Scottish Education Minister Richard Lochhead recognized the need for a diversity of talent in Scotland. He emphasized that seeing tech as a subject only for men limits opportunities for women.

Led by brilliant leaders, a project called “Ada Scotland Festival” was launched in October 2019. The initiative highlights gender imbalance in STEM fields, encouraging more women to be in tech. 

Scotland has been putting enormous energy and resources to make STEM-related opportunities equal for all. The nation also needs 13,000 computing graduates in the future.

Revolutionary Research

Scotland’s impact on modern science is beyond compare. For many years, Scotland has produced groundbreaking projects in aeronautics and medical sciences.

As the nation that powered the industrial revolution, Scotland has a reputation for producing brilliant innovators in tech.

At the University of Edinburgh, 150 researchers are testing experimental drugs as a treatment for the effects of COVID-19. 

At the University of St. Andrews, students and professors are researching the effects of UVC-lighting. They’re looking at how this can decrease the spread of airborne diseases.

International students will find meaningful learning in the field of research in Scotland. Studying in this nation will give them the opportunity to be a part of global innovations in STEM.

Skill-Based Education

Four universities in Scotland have together produced more than a dozen Nobel Prize winners. These schools have a great role in intellectual development, producing geniuses such as Charles Darwin, Adam Smith, and David Hulme. 

Other Scottish universities keep class size small to allow one-on-one discussions. The practical application of theoretical knowledge is often practiced at this time.

Students in science and medicine can have laboratory experience in the first term. Students under various areas of studies are also placed in internships.

This skill-based approach to education gives graduates more edge in the job market. In fact, 83% of graduates landed a job in just a few months. 

Scottish People and Culture 

Scottish people are generally nice and helpful. They’ll show you around Scotland’s best destinations and accompany you to events.

Some of Scotland’s top destinations are the Palace House of Holyrood and the magnificent Edinburgh Castle.

Art enthusiasts will never know boredom in Scotland. There are over 100 galleries and 250 museums in the nation to visit.

Students can spend a day going through 20th-century art pieces in the Kelvingrove Art Gallery. Meanwhile, the Surgeon’s Hall Museum showcases preserved anatomical specimens.

Scotland’s stunning culture and impressive feats in education make it a top destination for students. To learn more about the best universities, cost of living, accommodation, and application process in Scotland, go through our stories here at MSM Unify.


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