Life in the USA for Indian Students

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Almost all of the world’s traditions and values have contributed to the enrichment of American culture. From the viewpoint of a foreign student, that diversity is quite useful. If you opt to live somewhere entirely different, you can face daily challenges. However, when you choose to settle in an area of the United States that shares some characteristics with your native country—India—you might find some solace in those similarities.


In fact, over 1.1 million foreign students came to the United States for the academic year 2021–2022, hoping to find a suitable education and a brighter future. The diversity that is reflected in every facet of the US educational system is highly valued by international students. This is one big reason why so many Indian students in the USA continue to choose this country as their study abroad destination.


The most crucial aspect of your choice to study in the USA is probably learning more about yourself. Indian students may have wondered, “Why the USA, not other countries for study?” After reading this article, you will surely get the answer to this question.


Factors Influencing Life in the USA For Indian Students

There will initially be a barrier to cultural understanding, but this can be easily bridged by becoming accustomed to the surroundings. Below are factors that will affect your Indian student life in the USA.


Campus Life

The majority of American institutions follow the “campus” philosophy, having classrooms, research facilities, shops, and athletic facilities on-site. The campus enhances the lives of foreign students studying in the US, aiding in the development of a strong student community.


On rest days, nothing stops you from exploring the nightlife and beautiful attractions of the country. Take this time to get acclimated to the environment. This is your chance to get to know the country in a more familiar sense.



It is important that you familiarize yourself with the Greek organizational system if you are an international student. This includes fraternities and sororities that you may be interested in joining. Single-sex admissions often lead to members living together in a single property. You will never lack something to do thanks to the abundance of campus events and live entertainment. Ask your school any questions you have or if you have any worries about the security of the campus. 



Find accommodation as early as possible if you plan to live off campus. A dormitory room can accommodate two or three other people. This might seem odd, but it’s wonderful for making friends, saving money, and cutting down on commute time. Another option for accommodation is private housing, however, it is more costly.



Among the most exciting things that Indian students learn in the United States are the local cuisine and culture. American restaurants take pride in their food. Whether it’s burgers, pizza, milkshakes, or other international cuisines, American food represents the diversity of the nation.



American culture is based on individuality and directness. International students may find the country’s informal culture surprising. Americans usually call others by their first name. It all comes down to making an effort to adjust, being respectful of others, and being upfront with people.


Cost of Living in the USA as an Indian Student

The United States attracts a significant number of international students, primarily due to its strong economy. The cost of attending school in the US is high. The price varies from $32,000 to $60,000 annually, depending on the degree program, university type, location, etc.


Given the expensive cost of living in the US, it is highly relevant to be economical. This means that you should start learning how to do house chores and errands to save money.


Being an Indian student in the USA might be stressful. In order to boost your income while attending classes, you can work part-time jobs.  Up to 20 hours of paid labor per week are generally allowed for students on US visas. Getting a job in the USA can be beneficial to you as it also gives you a lot of experiences, connections, and skillsets.


Tuition Costs

The average cost of college tuition in 2021 is $10,388 for public universities and $38,185 for private institutions, according to the U.S. News & World Report.


The main component of your expenses in the US will likely be the tuition for your program. Tuition costs at various universities might vary substantially.


Keep in mind to consider colleges with higher tuition costs when making your decision. Many colleges provide an array of grants and scholarships to help lessen the expense of attending school in the USA.


With a better understanding of what to expect about the life you are bound to experience in the US, you are now set to go. And maybe then you will find out the answer to “why study in the USA, not in India” yourself. After all, any country in the world can be your classroom.


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