group of students studying in new zealand

New Zealand redefined what world-class truly means. Despite these trying times, the country survived and has sustained the quality of life.

The education system in New Zealand is impeccable. The country is home to many internationally recognized universities that assures an exceptional learning experience.

If you’re planning to take an MBA in New Zealand, you will meet extremely friendly locals and have the chance to explore the exquisite island country.

Why Take Your MBA in New Zealand

The education system of New Zealand is regulated by the government, providing excellent quality assurance in learning. Locals in the country also believe in the balance between work and life, and hobbies are highly encouraged. 

With its relatively small population, there is a lot of space for students to take quick breaks to revitalize from the tiring days in school. 

According to the Global Peace Index, New Zealand is the world’s second most peaceful country. It is also the world’s least corrupt country according to Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index.

Student Visa Requirements

As a foreign student, you need to obtain a student visa first before you can enter and study in New Zealand. Visa requirements vary per country, but here are the general requirements:

General Requirements

Here are some of the common admission requirements in applying to a university in New Zealand:

Admission Process

The application process varies per business school, but in general, here’s what you can expect to do during admission:

  1. MBA applicants must visit the official website of their chosen university to access its online portal. Required documents must be scanned to be submitted on the online portal.
  1. After successfully submitting the required documents to the online portal, the applicant will be prompted to pay the application fee. Make sure to use a payment channel that can securely send your payment to the school.
  1. At some point during the process, the applicant will be contacted for an interview either via phone call or video call.

Before going into the process of admission, it’s recommended to first check admission deadlines in your chosen university. This helps you create a timeframe for your actions, so you can apply on time.

Pre-Departure Expenses

ExpensesCost in USD
Student Visa$240
Air Flight $314-$488

New Zealand is a world leader in education where students can thrive and aim for a great future. Check out our stories here at MSM Unify to learn more about life as an international student in New Zealand.