Bound for Switzerland for higher education? Great! You may be at the height of elation now, but there’s still a lot to do.

Once you’re done celebrating, it’s time to deal with departure arrangements. Apart from conditioning your mind and body for big changes, here are other things you need to fulfill:

Obtaining a Swiss Student Visa

You need a student visa to enter and stay in Switzerland. This requirement varies depending on your home country.

Students from EU/EFTA countries don’t need a student visa unless they’re staying for more than three months. Non-EU/EFTA students can apply for a student visa in the Swiss embassy in their countries. 

Acquiring a student visa can be a long and tiring process. Check out our other blogs to learn the specific steps for student visa application.

Securing the Right Accommodation

Your accommodation in Switzerland will serve as your second home. If there’s one thing you need to spend ample time on, that’s looking for accommodation. 

Landing a place to stay is a serious commitment. It’s best to start looking months before your scheduled departure.

You may find it best to rent an apartment since more locals prefer it over owning houses. Read our guide to apartment renting so you can find a great place.

Planning Your Education Fund

Do you want to take out a student loan or try your luck with scholarships? Having a source of funds is necessary to support your education. And it’s better to have more than one source.

You can build up your education fund through your own savings or with the help of your family. Student loans are a great option too, as long as you find a reputable lender.

Scoring a scholarship can also help your finances. If you want to apply for one, we have a guide here to help sort your options. 

Setting Up a Savings Account

It’s not enough to be wise with money. You need to choose a bank that can help you manage your funds and store your savings.

Good thing Switzerland is a banking haven for millions of people. You can enjoy great services while keeping your data secured and out of harm.

Having a bank account in Switzerland is a smart move. Curious about the specifics of banking in Switzerland? You can find some answers in our guide to Swiss banks and banking.

Acquiring Health Insurance

Your health must be your utmost priority. Since you’re staying in a foreign land away from your family, you need insurance to protect you.

Those who will stay in Switzerland for more than three months must get health insurance. Remember that you need a residence permit to get insurance.

If you have all the essentials on this list, you can now relax and wait for your flight. Spend some time reading our articles to get more insights about life in Switzerland.

Before flying to Switzerland, make sure to visit our resources here at MSM Unify to learn more about the country and preparations for studying there.