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Why You Should Get Summer Internships in College

Why You Should Get Summer Internships in College

Why You Should Get Summer Internships in College
During summer, college students have the choice to do what they want. They can take the break for relaxation, do hobbies, improve academics, and also maximize the time to boost employability. Though it may not sound so much fun, a lot of students take summer internships. It provides plenty of benefits which makes the experience worth it. Here are reasons why it is important for a college student:

Boosts your employability

While fresh graduates face the challenge of searching for jobs since employers want to hire applicants with experience, a summer internship is a great way to show you have experience. Summer internships are considered a working experience in your resumé which makes it a good thing for your future work.

Instead of leaving the “work experience” space blank, you can now write something on that when you become an intern. Being able to have at least an internship experience is much better than having no experience at all. After all, employers look for employees who will help them save money and time for training.

Provides hands-on experience

After spending months in your classroom studying textbooks, it may be the perfect time to apply what you learned to actual work. Textbooks are a great help in giving new knowledge, from theories to principles. But is this enough?

Working in a summer internship can give you new insights different from your academic way of learning. You will have to face challenges, which will test your skills in solving the problem.

For example, you study nursing. You have read all your textbooks and modules, attended all your classes. But in real life, it is a whole different thing. When you intern, you will have a much closer look at the profession. This will help you guide your career choices.

Widens your network in your field

Your internship is your opportunity to establish connections with other professionals in your chosen industry. From employers and colleagues to clients, they can help you land your dream job. Perform your job well as professionals are more willing to help those that are deserving of a position. If you have not yet built valuable connections, college is the time for you to do it.

Opportunity to get professional feedback

A normal person’s feedback is very much different from an expert’s. As you intern, your mentors will closely watch how you do your job. They will give you constructive criticisms and insights on how you can better your work.

Are you a good problem solver when an incident happens? How are your communication and leadership skills? How do you engage and interact with clients? Sure, you master your textbooks, but how good are you in applying that knowledge into practice?

Feedback given by these professionals will help you learn from mistakes and will be an invaluable stepping stone into entering the workforce later on.

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