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Why Volunteering Helps in the College Admissions Process

Why Volunteering Helps in the College Admissions Process

Why Volunteering Helps in the College Admissions Process
Pasted Image 0Aside from boosting your character and ego, volunteerism not only helps the beneficiaries but also the ones doing the deed. In high school, there is lots of volunteer work that you can participate in. Are you wondering if volunteering work will be significant for your future while you’re still in high school?

The answer is simply yes.

College admissions officers look for well-rounded students, and having participated in volunteer work shows that you are more than your grades. Community service is similar to extracurriculars. Although colleges majorly focus on grades and test scores, extracurriculars like these can be a deal-breaker.

As volunteering shows that you are concerned about your community, your prospective college may see you as a responsible, empathetic, and mature person. This can also have a slight advantage over extracurricular activities because volunteering boosts applications to schools that incorporate civic engagement into the curriculum.

Some schools require students to complete a Civic Engagement program, which enables them to do community service tied to their academics. So, there is an expectation that high school graduates have volunteered, and participating in one can give you an edge in the admissions process.

Just like in extracurricular activities, volunteering for more can actually be less. Admissions officers look for students that are heavily engaged in a volunteering opportunity. This shows that the applicant genuinely cares about the deed and does not volunteer for more just to list them in the application form. You can easily impress the admissions panel by simply showing that you focus on less volunteer work but have a great impact on you and the community as well.

So, why does volunteering matter in the admissions process?

  • Volunteering shows that you have time management skills

When you’re in high school, you have a lot on your plate, from academics to extracurriculars. And doing volunteer work demonstrates your ability to manage time. It shows how you can keep your focus while doing lots of stuff.

Maintain a healthy balance among all your school-related stuff. But remember that your academics should be your priority. Being able to manage your time also means being responsible for your priorities. You can give service to the community while learning in your classroom.

  • Volunteering is the right thing to do

College admissions aside, the act of community service should be something that we all do. Try to influence others to volunteer not only for themselves but mainly for the community.

After all, volunteering is a win-win. While you are doing something great for a community, you also improve your resume for a college to accept you. Look at it in a way that both the institution and you, the student, will greatly benefit from it. So, look for those volunteering opportunities. Grab them and make the most out of the experience.

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