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Ways To Shine Online as a College Applicant

Ways To Shine Online as a College Applicant

Ways To Shine Online as a College Applicant
Aside from laughing at memes and connecting with friends, social media can also be a big help in boosting your admissions. With proper online usage, you can make your admissions officers be impressed by your application. Here are ways how you can shine online:

Post your successes

Posting small triumphs and successes on social media is a great way to impress your admissions officers if they take a peek at your profile. May it be an article you’ve written for the school publication, a musical or dance recital, or a photo of your football team winning a game. Even if it is just a small or big win, it matters. Try showcasing your interests and talents on your Facebook account. This way, they will know that you are a well-rounded applicant capable of more than academics.

Join LinkedIn

When you join LinkedIn, your admissions panel will know that you are serious about your future. This is a professional network, so connect with your teachers, colleagues, future employers, and those who know you. You can even put your LinkedIn profile’s link to your application for your admissions officer’s easier access.

Participate in online groups

Make yourself involved in online groups that match your interests by following them on all social media platforms. Also, consider following your target school’s pages to be updated. This way, you can learn more about the school you are applying to. Raise questions by commenting on the comment section and interact with fellow applicants. This makes your name recognized and enhances your digital footprint.

Improve your Google results

You can change your Google results if you’re not thrilled with what it shows about you. Since social media is one of the top returns, clean your profile first. Avoid sharing offensive and rude posts. Be professional even on the internet. Moreover, school activity will probably show up on the top as well. It could be an article from your school paper or an extracurricular activity posted on your school website. You can also start a blog or start commenting on online news stories. This shows that you are socially aware and updated to the current events. Just make sure that your comments are positive.

Join other platforms

Some social media platforms are college admissions specific such as ZeeMee. More and more colleges are using this digital tool to help both colleges and students to show and see creative applications. Applicants can set up a free profile, list interests and extracurriculars, and also upload photos and videos.

In this modern time, social media proves to be a good opportunity for students to showcase who they are beyond numbers. Stay professional online and assume that your admission panel would take a look at your profile.

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