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Transferring Between Colleges: A Guide

Transferring Between Colleges: A Guide

Transferring Between Colleges: A Guide
A lot of students swap institutions at least once before they get their diplomas. For sure, there are reasons why they opt to transfer schools. But it is always a good idea if your new school offers what your current school lacks.

In this process, you need to understand that it can get rigorous and competitive to land a spot. The odds of admission as a transferee are different from the odds when you were a freshman.

Below are some advice and tips for students interested in transferring between schools.

Why transfer?

A popular reason why students opt to transfer schools is that they are simply unhappy. Soon, you will figure out that the school you enrolled in is not the right one for you. Do not wait for four years before ending this misery. Find one that exceeds your expectations while meeting your academic and social needs.

One more reason is when your current university does not have a strong program you like. You might suffer under a weak program, which is something you would not like. Instead, look for a school that has a reputation in that specific area and go for it.

Other students do this smartly. Those who got rejected from their school of choice attend a different school, then transfer to their initially preferred school at the end of the year.

But if you are aiming to attend a school just because of its reputation, try to reconsider. Transferring due to this might not be worth your time and effort.

Whatever your reason is, take some time to research. Visit your next school, talk to students, and sit in on specific classes. Make sure that this is the school where you will be graduating.

Plan your transfer

Transferring between colleges is a lot more different than your application process. Remember to earn good grades in college to ensure you a spot. You need to perform well in college as your test scores and grades in high school will take a back seat. Although some schools still ask for your SAT or ACT scores.

If you plan to transfer, know that colleges will expect you to meet the minimum credits. Schools have varying policies, so it is best to acquire all the credits to give you better odds of being accepted to another school.

You must also remember that not all the classes’ credits you’ve taken will carry over to your next college, which can affect your intended graduation date.

Prepare to transfer

Ask your professors for letters of recommendation, not in high school, but college. A recommendation from a high school will be appreciated, but a college recommendation is much more ideal to submit. They are the ones who saw you grow and develop throughout the recent years. Don’t be afraid that they might be unhappy. They will be happy that you decided for yourself and they will be rooting for you still.

Transferring can be an overwhelming task, but if this is what you desire, then endure all tasks and go for it.

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