Top Foreign University Branch Campuses in Malaysia

Top Foreign University Branch Campuses in Malaysia

At first, some dreams may be impossible to achieve. Collegiate dreams including dream study programs and schools may be unattainable due to financial capacity, far distance from home, or other personal reasons. But in Malaysia, your dreams may now be closer to coming true.

Although fresh in providing international education‚ÄĒwith 30 years of experience‚ÄĒMalaysia offers a well-developed education system. The country is home to more than 100 universities‚ÄĒfrom public and private institutions to foreign branch campuses.

With the increasing number of foreign university branch campuses in Malaysia, your collegiate dreams are now achievable. Get the best of both worlds in terms of international education by enrolling in these universities.

Foreign university branch campuses, or FUBCs, are educational institutions from across the globe that are invited by a host country to set their own campus and then provide equivalent quality education to students. Malaysian FUBCs are either offered their own branch campus or a partnership with a Malaysian institution. A FUBC’s main goal is to expand outreach in different parts of the globe.


Why Study in Malaysia?

Malaysia stands out as a beacon of learning in Southeast Asia, offering a unique confluence of eastern cultural richness with western educational rigor. It’s an affordable alternative for quality education, where you can earn a prestigious international degree amidst a backdrop of stunning landscapes and cosmopolitan cities. Moreover, the diverse, multilingual community provides a dynamic and inclusive environment for students to grow academically and personally. When you choose to study in Malaysia, you don’t just join a university, you become part of a vibrant, global hub that nurtures future leaders.

Safe to say, Malaysia, a burgeoning hub for overseas education, is a country that proudly hosts several esteemed foreign universities, bringing a slice of their academic excellence to its shores. As per reports, Malaysia plans to onboard close to 250,000 students by 2050. Meaning the scope of quality foreign education along with better amenities is vast in the country.

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Best Foreign Universities in Malaysia


Name of University 


Monash University, Malaysia 


University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus 


Curtin University, Malaysia


Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus


Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed)


Heriot-Watt University Malaysia


University of Southampton Malaysia


Xiamen University Malaysia


University of Reading Malaysia


Raffles University Iskandar


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1. Monash University Malaysia

A jewel among foreign universities in Malaysia, Monash University Malaysia is a premier choice for those seeking the best foreign university in Malaysia for comprehensive education. Offering a diverse range of courses from Medicine to IT, the campus serves as a beacon of high-standard overseas education within the bustling city of Bandar Sunway.


2. University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

This branch is a prime example of a foreign university campus in Malaysia, bringing quintessential British education to the heart of Asia. As a part of the extensive list of foreign universities in Malaysia, it stands out for its lush green campus and a strong focus on research and development, aligning with the aspirations of students choosing to study in Malaysia.


3. Curtin University, Malaysia

As an Australian overseas university in Malaysia, Curtin maintains a stronghold in the fields of engineering and business. This campus in Sarawak is designed for students who are looking to study abroad but appreciate the closeness to Southeast Asian culture and markets.


4. Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus

Swinburne Sarawak is a fusion of Australian innovation with Malaysian hospitality, representing the growing list of foreign universities in Malaysia. Catering to students who want a blend of practical and theoretical education, this campus offers vibrant study abroad opportunities in Engineering, Business, and IT.


5. Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed)

This campus offers a slice of British healthcare education, specializing in Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. For those looking at the list of foreign universities in Malaysia with a focus on healthcare, NUMed stands out for its quality curriculum and modern research facilities.


6. Heriot-Watt University Malaysia

Heriot-Watt brings Scottish academic excellence to the dynamic landscape of Putrajaya, ideal for students eyeing Canadian universities in Malaysia for their progressive and research-oriented programs in Business, Science, and Engineering.


7. University of Southampton Malaysia

A cornerstone for engineering excellence, this campus extends the UK’s reputable education system to students in Malaysia. It’s an embodiment of the ethos of the best foreign university in Malaysia, offering cutting-edge research and industry-relevant programs.


8. Xiamen University Malaysia

As the first Chinese university to open a campus in Malaysia, Xiamen University offers an array of programs, reflecting the growing ties between China and Malaysia. It provides a unique platform for students looking to benefit from overseas education with Asian insights.


9. University of Reading Malaysia

With a strong emphasis on real estate, business, and law, the University of Reading’s Malaysian campus caters to students aiming to excel in these fields through a curriculum that‚Äôs synchronized with its UK campus, enhancing the experience of studying abroad.


10. Raffles University Iskandar

As part of the list of foreign universities in Malaysia, Raffles Iskandar is known for its design and business courses, providing students with a Singaporean standard of education and a stepping stone to international careers, strengthening the vision of overseas education in Malaysia.


These overseas university campuses in Malaysia will give you the advantage of international qualifications combined with local insights. The list of foreign universities in Malaysia is extensive, each offering a unique perspective on higher education.

Choosing to study in Malaysia at a foreign university campus is not just about acquiring an education; it’s about preparing for the global stage. If you wish to know how you can choose the right university in Malaysia and build a career in the country- reach out to MSM Unify. 

Aside from these foreign university branches, there are a lot more to learn about Malaysia and its education. Make sure to check out our other articles at MSM Unify.


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