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Tips for Mature Student Returnees

Tips for Mature Student Returnees

Tips for Mature Student Returnees
Fear is always present when doing something new, but it is completely fine. In terms of returning to school, this can also be the case.

Remember that education, regardless of age, is for everyone. If you are over 21 years old and didn’t attend college, you are considered a mature student.

It will be nerve-wracking on your return on your first few days at school. You will need to adjust as a new student again, especially now that the majority of your classmates are much younger than you.

But seriously, you do not need to stress out over this. Fret not because we have listed some tips for you to handle this feeling.

Set realistic expectations

It may have been years, or sometimes decades since you’ve been inside a classroom. You need to understand that it takes time to adjust to the new curriculum and policies of the school. Do not set absurd expectations that may disappoint you. It might take time before you start getting results.

Choose a flexible program 

If you’re returning to continue your education, chances are you have a job on the side. Unless you are financially supported, you might need to go to work to pay for bills and tuition. Hence, a flexible program will be perfect for you. This will give you balance in your job and study. Research subjects to know which would suit you best. If you have the time and energy, try to attend classes on the same days to maximize your study days and allot days for work.

Get organized

Time management is important in college, especially for mature students. You might have a lot on your plate–study, work, family, and social life–and efficiently managing your time is vital. Put everything on a planner or maybe a diary, from exams, homework, tasks, events, bills, and even birthdays. Or download a productivity app on your phone if that works best for you. This way, you will be able to keep on track and avoid cramming.

Use the support services 

Take advantage of your university’s services. They are there for a reason. Talk to your counselor or representative if you are struggling to cope up with this phase. Share your problems; they will certainly help you. If you need counseling, financial advice, or academic help, they are willing to help you out.

Appreciate the support from those around you

You cannot lean on yourself for that long. Remember that your family, friends, and colleagues are there to help you get through what you’re feeling. They are supportive of you finishing your studies. If you feel like falling behind on a subject, seek help from them. Focus on your goal and find your motivation. After all, you went back to school for your dreams and not to impress others.

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