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Student Guide: How Much Does It Cost to Study in Moscow?

Student Guide How Much Does It Cost to Study in Moscow.

Russia may be known as being the largest country in the world, and its extreme weather. However, aside from that, the country is also a top study destination. 

Every year, Russia hosts hundreds of thousands of international students. In 2020 alone, the country is home to more than 350,000 international students. 

Among them, many choose to study in Moscow, the country’s capital city, and the center of its politics, economy, and culture. 

What’s more, the city has:

  • Top-notch and prestigious institutions
  • Relatively cheaper cost of living than other European cities
  • Produced some of the world‚Äôs best scientists, inventors, writers, philosophers, and artists

If you are thinking of joining the number of students going to Moscow every year to study, then knowing the cost of studying in this city is a must.  

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees in Moscow may vary depending on the institution and the student’s chosen program. 

Degree Programs

Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree lasts four years. 

The average cost of a bachelor’s degree is around RUB 240 to RUB 260,000 per year. The lowest amount one can pay is around RUB 120,500 per year, while the highest amount can reach up to RUB 880,000 per year. 

Specialist’s Degree 

A specialist’s degree lasts at least five years and focuses more on the practical, rather than the theoretical part of a subject. The average tuition cost for a specialist’s degree is RUB 240,000 to RUB 260,000 per year. The cheapest you can pay for this degree is RUB 122,500, and the highest is RUB 632,580. 

Master’s Degree

A master’s degree can last up to two years. Also, only those who have finished their bachelor’s degree or specialist’s degree can take this. 

The average cost of a master’s degree is RUB 260,000 to RUB 280,000 per year. The cheapest amount costs around RUB147,000, while the most expensive can cost RUB 460,000 per year. 


A Ph.D. in Russia can last at least three years. It can take longer if the student is only taking it part-time.

The average cost for a Ph.D. is around RUB 280,000 to RUB 300,000 per year. Some programs can cost as low as RUB 79,300 per year, or as high as RUB 413,000 per year. 

Other Programs In Russia

Preparatory Department Training

Preparatory training is geared towards international students who want to take an intensive course (Russian language and general subjects) to increase their chances of getting into their chosen Moscow University. 

Its average cost is RUB 160,000 per year. 

Short Holiday Courses

During summer or winter, students can pursue short programs offered by many universities. The average cost of a short school program is around RUB 35,000. 

Other Expenses You Need to Take Note Of

Aside from your tuition fees, you also need to take into consideration the cost of some necessities you need, such as food, transportation, rent, and utilities. You may also need to allot part of your budget for entertainment. 

Food (restaurant) RUB 800
Transportation (1-way ticket for local transportation) RUB 50
Taxi (1KM, local tariff) RUB 15
Utilities RUB 8,487

RUB 476.07
1 Bedroom Apartment (city center) RUB67,553
1 Bedroom Apartment (outside the city center) RUB 37,809
Movie  RUB 450

Overall, the cost of education and cost of living in Moscow is relatively lower than in other cities and institutions in Europe. However, in case you may need extra financial assistance to continue your education there, you can check out the financial assistance the Russian government provides for its international students. 

Learn more useful tips and practical information about studying in Moscow and other parts of Russia by checking our articles at MSM Unify. If you cannot wait to study in Moscow and want to start your journey now, you can also check out our list of study programs available in this beautiful Russian city.


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