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Student Accommodation Options in Malaysia

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Malaysia is slowly emerging as a hotspot for international study. Indeed, the country hosts many world-renowned universities that thrive on the richness of Malaysian culture.

For international students, looking for a secure, comfortable and affordable accommodation is a top priority. In Malaysia, there are various options for you that fall under two categories: On-campus and off-campus housing.

Depending on your lifestyle and needs, you can choose a more convenient and cheaper on-campus housing. On the other hand, you can have more privacy and independence with off-campus accommodation.

Here are some student accommodation options in Malaysia:

University Accommodation

University accommodation often includes halls of residence and student hostels. The facilities and utilities you can enjoy depend on your Malaysian university.

You can choose a school housing with a single bedroom. This typically ranges from $80 to $300 every month.

A shared apartment is relatively cheaper at only $80 to $200 per month. Rent varies depending on your university and its location. Universities in major cities are more expensive.

You can also choose between a fully catered or self-catered university accommodation. Choosing the fully catered accommodation often includes prepared meals.

Landed Housing

One of the most common off-campus accommodations in Malaysia is landed housing. These are often bungalows complete with a living, dining, kitchen area, and bathroom.

Some landed housings have more than one bedroom. If you want to save on rent, you can encourage a friend to stay in with you.

While you can definitely enjoy privacy and freedom in landed housing, some may lack certain facilities and services.

The monthly rent for landed housing goes from $200 to $800 per month.


A condominium is a high-rise property that typically has the utilities of a common home. Renting a condo unit is another viable option for international students.

Most condo units have three to four bedrooms. It is also advisable to rent a condo with roommates as monthly rent is often steep.

Despite being the most expensive accommodation option, condos offer exclusive amenities to students. These often include a swimming pool, a gym, a game hall, and more.

If you prefer to stay alone in a single condo unit, expect to pay around $150 up to $2,500 every month. A shared condo would only cost $100 to $800 per month.

Flats or Apartments

Like condominiums, flats are also high-rise properties, but cheaper.

A flat usually has three to four bedrooms, which you can occupy with your friends. These flats often have shared spaces such as the living area and kitchen.

If you want to have access to certain facilities, you can rent a flat, especially if you have a tight budget. Just keep in mind that the amenities are very limited.

An individual flat costs $100 to $700 every month. While a shared flat costs only $50 to $250 a month.

There are different student accommodation options in Malaysia tailored for every need and lifestyle. Flip through our stories here at MSMUnify to learn more about living in Malaysia.


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