How Technology Aids in Hospitality and Tourism Management in the Post-Pandemic World

How Technology Aids in Hospitality and Tourism Management in the Post Pandemic World

Tech-savviness is now a factor in hospitality and tourism management. Gone are the days when a person needs to write down their name on a guestbook or hand cash directly to the receptionist. Amid the pandemic, innovations in booking, using appliances, and reporting grievances can now be as easy as tweeting.

Contactless Technologies

According to research commissioned by technology provider Criton, 73 percent of the surveyed travelers would also use an app that would allow them to open the door of their room, reducing customer and staff interactions. This provides insights into maximizing the potential use of a hotel app. So instead of sanitizing key cards, managers can allow guests to use their own mobile devices for keyless room entry.

The app can also be used in creating tools for check-in/check-out and concierge services, requests for toiletries, or reporting complaints. With the app, managers can prevent crowds from queuing in the lobby. 

Managers can also opt for kiosks similar to those found in airports. For inspiration, check out how hotel kiosks function in Hilton, Premier Inn, Linq Hotels, and Yotel.  These kiosks ask for a unique verification ID, followed by a government-issued ID card as validation. These also use facial recognition technology and are linked to loyalty programs. 

Cashless Transactions

To reduce the risk of droplet transmission, transactions can be cashless. Place QR codes and other information that can help booking, checking in, and paying without in-person contact more convenient and safe. With fewer card or cash exchanges, you are also showing guests that you prioritize their health while providing exceptional services.

Communicating Safety Standards

Guests are paying closer attention to the hygiene ratings of hotels. Make sure your website and app are updated regularly with your guest safety protocols. 

According to a survey from Hotel Management Magazine, 75 percent of the guests said that the hotel should have clearly defined cleaning standards while 67 percent would only consider staying when the staff disinfected everything that people might touch in their rooms.

Reimagining Guest Experience

As managers, it is also important to find ways on how to keep the business afloat. The use of low-touch technologies such as adding an in-room voice-activated assistant to control the thermostat and the lights can provide much-needed amusement to your guests. 

An app can also take care of requesting toiletries and communicating problems.

Making technological changes for better hospitality and tourism management will play a critical role in recovery while rebuilding consumer confidence in travel and hospitality. Since guests expect cleanliness and social distancing during their stays, contactless technologies can safely provide hotel information and support.

While the hospitality and tourism industry is reporting demand that is far from normal, these technologies can help guide businesses toward recovery.

Technology is a great help especially in a time of pandemic. MSM Unify continues to help in providing fact-driven articles about the hospitality and tourism industry. Check them out.

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