How Studying Changes From High School to College

How Studying Changes From High School to College

Here are some major changes you will notice when you study in college.

You May Not Have Had To Study in High School

In high school, students are taught rudimentary subjects as part of their general education. Because educators are more concerned with achieving a high passing rate, it is easier for high school students to ace their test scores or gain good grades without having to study.

In college, however, students are expected to develop a competent understanding of their chosen field of study. Thus, tests and projects may require more information that is more in-depth than previous years. Working harder in college is necessary to survive: expect more in-depth studying and longer study periods.

Reading is a Must

High school students find it convenient to skim over the readingā€”or not read at all. Most absorb their lessons through classroom lectures or even internet summaries. But reading is a skill and a habit that every college student must cultivate.

Although convenient, skimming the reading may be to your disadvantage. This is because the classes that your professors teach may not cover certain aspects of a lesson; sometimes, these classes are there to merely supplement the learning process. If you skim a required reading, chances are you might miss important details that will appear in a test.

Tests are Worth More

Unlike in high school where tests are simply a way for the teacher to confirm the progress of a student, tests and projects are generally more important in college. Since classes are shorter and fewer, and work has to be done quickly, tests and projects will form the bulk or basis of your grades.

That said, it would be to your benefit to allot more time and energy studying for each subject. Always keep in mind that failing an exam could significantly impact your overall grade or even your GPA.

Work Needs To Be Done More Quickly

When you were in high school, you probably spent an entire period on a certain subject, let’s say, human biology or The Revolutionary War. When you attend college, it is very different. A lot of information needs to be absorbed in a short period.

Taking notes, then reviewing regularly can be key factors to help you pass your subjects. Relying only on the lecture may not help you to retain the information you need.

College is an important phase in your life, and you will need tips and techniques on how to cope with it. Read our articles here at MSM Unify to learn more.


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