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Food You Must Try While Studying in Dubai

Food You Must Try While Studying in Dubai

Food You Must Try While Studying in Dubai

Dubai’s oil industry is one of the things that has made the United Arab Emirates a thriving world economic leader. Dubai has also attracted many students because of its tourism, business, and energy sectors. But the city still has a lot more to offer, like its local cuisine. The food in Dubai is something that international students should definitely try.

Dubai’s cuisine reflects the city’s unique and exotic setting. When you study in Dubai, you’ll find different kinds of food that will complete your whole Emirati experience.

With rich flavors, ingredients, and spices, Dubai’s culinary creations are sure to surprise you and give you an unforgettable learning experience in Emirati culture. Below are some of the most popular dishes in Dubai that you should not miss.


Shawarma is so popular that it became known far beyond the UAE. It is made with slow-roasted and spiced meat, vegetables, tomatoes, pickles, fries, garlic, and chili sauce—served wrapped in a roti. While shawarma can be found almost everywhere in the globe, eating this popular food in Dubai is something that you must experience.

Stuffed Camel

Known as the world’s largest meal on a menu according to the Guinness World Book of Records, a stuffed camel is one of the most celebratory dishes in Dubai.

It is usually stuffed with chicken, sheep, fish, eggs, and spices. This large dish is cooked on an open flame. A challenging dish as it requires large enough pots, this enormous food is only served during special occasions, ceremonies, festivals, or any cultural or family event.


Mahalabiya is a very easy-to-make dessert made of milk, rose, and/or orange water. It is a refreshing pudding that stands out in flavor. If you are craving a revitalizing treat that is not that sweet, mahalabiya is a perfect choice for you.

Al Harees

Al Harees is a laborious dish to make using simple ingredients. In a pot, mix wheat, meat, and, then cook until its texture becomes smooth and uniform. This whole texture will be baked slowly for hours. It is a traditional Arabic dish and is often served on special occasions.


Machboos is a dish from a spiced lamb that uses loomi, a spice unique to the Middle East. Machboos is cooked into a stew with rice and tomatoes. This dish has a unique, rich, and spicy flavor that comes from the spices used such as cloves, turmeric, cassia bark, and cardamom. Machboos is the national dish of Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar.

Esh Asaraya

Esh asaraya is a dessert dubbed as “the bread of the harem.” It is a sweet and creamy cheesecake that is very popular in Qatar and has become a dessert staple in Dubai. It is made with a layer of bread soaked in sugar syrup, topped with cream frosting and pistachios.

Study in Dubai and you are sure to have an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Try these dishes and other food in Dubai and you may just find yourself craving more.

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