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Exploring Dubai: Top 3 Events International Students Should Experience

Exploring Dubai: Top 3 Events International Students Should Experience

Exploring Dubai: Top 3 Events International Students Should Experience

In this article, “Exploring Dubai,” you will know some of the top events in Dubai that students should visit while studying there.

International Students and the UAE

When it comes to international education, many students usually choose to study in famous countries in Europe such as France, the UK, and Spain. More than a decade ago, no one would have thought of studying in the UAE, or one of its biggest and most famous cities, Dubai. 

Fast-forward to now, and the UAE, especially Dubai, has amassed more and more international students. In fact, according to the World Education News + Reviews, inbound student mobility to the UAE is growing at a high speed. Also, its number of students has increased tremendously. In 2011, the UAE only had 48,653 international students, but that number has spiked to over 77,000 in 2016, per UNESCO. 

Top Events to Experience in Dubai 

If you are planning to study or currently studying in Dubai, here are some of the top events you should join to complete your UAE experience. 

For Food Lovers, Join the Dubai Food Festival 

If you love food and want to experience Dubai’s diverse types of food, then you should visit the Dubai Food Festival (DFF).

The DFF is hailed as one of the most exciting events of the year in Dubai. In fact, it is a city-wide celebration and lasts 24 days. The event puts a spotlight on Dubai’s culinary scene where world-famous chefs and Dubai’s famous restaurants showcase some of their best and curated delicacies. 

Not only is it a good way to try and experience Dubai’s fine dining and local food, but it’s also the best time to do it. In fact, during this event, food lovers can experience fine dining in Dubai’s famous restaurants and hotels at a lower price, or up to 50% off. 

Other activities during this event include masterclasses, cooking competitions, and various mall promotions in the whole city.  

For Bookworms, The Emirates Airline Festival of Literature is the Place to Be

The Emirates Airline Festival of Literature is one of the biggest international festivals for literature in the world. If you are into books and want to learn more about the UAE, then this is the place to be. In fact, the festival is the largest celebration of spoken and written literature in the Arab World. Thus, you are not only learning or reading about Dubai but also of a bigger culture.  

It started in 2009, and since then, it has become an annual event. The event promotes books and appreciation for reading. It also invites many famous local and international writers that visitors can meet. Also, there are debates, workshops, and competitions that participants can enter. 

Experience Diverse Art at the World Art Dubai

If you are into the arts or are an artist yourself, then you should visit the World Art Dubai, another annual event. The event prides itself on being the region’s largest art fair that showcases a global collection of various artworks, from paintings, sculptures, to photographs. 

The fair is known for its motto: to bring affordable art to the Middle East. In fact, the fair wants to make art accessible for both collectors and enthusiasts from the region. 

Aside from exploring Dubai through its various events and festivals, there are other ways students can experience and learn more about this city in the Middle East. To learn more about Dubai and the UAE as a whole, check out MSM Unify’s other articles. 


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