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Education Training Schools in China Fined for Violations

Education Training Schools in China Fined for Violations

Education Training Schools in China Fined for Violations

Four education training schools were fined for going against China’s price law, as well as unfair competition. These training institutes, namely DaDa, OneSmart International Education Group, Wall Street English, and Zhangmen.com, were fined a total of USD $1.57 million, as reported by Shanghai Administration for Market Regulation.

One of the online education institutions fined, DaDa, fabricated its teaching staff’s qualifications as well as claimed that  students can say goodbye to “Chinglish.” All marketing and promotion materials are fake and thus violate China’s law on unfair competition. The costs are also misleading, making students think the course prices are discounted. Wall Street English also committed the same violation and sells its courses via WeChat. 

Zhangmen.com, on the other hand, exaggerated its applicant population, as well as falsified all backgrounds of its teaching staff. OneSmart International Education Group violated China’s price law and practiced fake training and qualifications of its teachers. 

Students must, at all times, be vigilant and not fall prey to these malicious groups that could lead to a problem in career applications in the future.

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