Many individuals rave about the beauty and life in Switzerland. Apart from their world-famous watches and chocolates, the country also offers top-notch business education.

As an international business student, looking for the right place to earn your degree can be stressful. Try looking into Switzerland, where excellence extends from academics into daily life.

4 Reasons to Study in Switzerland for a Business Degree

Still unsure if you should study business in Switzerland? We compiled four reasons for you to think about:

Switzerland is the Center of Banking and Finance in Europe

Switzerland is the financial powerhouse of Europe. Their unbeatable financial stability has been tested through various economic recessions, even in the 2008 global financial crises. Today, the country remains a center of banking and finance in Europe.

Swiss cities like Geneva and Zurich have established an indestructible reputation in the banking industry. The low inflation rate accounts for the high return of investments, despite the low-interest rate for a savings account.

Swiss banks are also revered for their extreme data privacy policies. They wouldn’t disclose any information about you except for legal reasons.

As a global leader in banking and finance, Switzerland is a great destination for international business students. The country is also home to corporate giants like Nestlé and Credit Suisse. 

A Renowned Hub of Higher Education

The Swiss education system offers numerous opportunities for international business students. Their exceptional approach to business education makes them a top destination for foreign students.

Classes in Swiss business schools are often small, with English as a medium of instruction. Courses are concentrated on practical application and experience-based learning. 

Switzerland also boasts universities that dominate global rankings including the University of Geneva. International business students can pursue different business programs and majors.

Unmatched Quality of Life 

Switzerland’s natural beauty is enough to draw in foreign students to its borders. The azure sky reflected on crystal-clear lakes makes it seem like heaven is on Earth in Switzerland.

International students would also enjoy efficient and safe public transportation systems. They can also expect high wages if they decide to work in the country after graduation. 

Living in Switzerland guarantees a safe and comfortable life for international business students. There are also many opportunities for leisure activities in the country.

Rich Cultural Experience

Switzerland also gives room for a valuable cultural experience. The country has diverse cultures considering that it is close to Italian and French regions.

There are four official languages in Switzerland: German, French, Italian and Romansh. Exposure to various languages also impacts the cultural awareness of students.

Cultural awareness is necessary to succeed in the corporate world. Having significant cultural awareness can increase your employability in the future.

Many Swiss companies also offer multicultural training to their employees. These initiatives help cultivate cultural knowledge in Switzerland.

Switzerland offers various learning opportunities for international business students. Flip through our stories and programs at MSM Unify to learn more about business degrees and study destinations.