A Quick Look at Transportation Modes in Malaysia

A Quick Look at Transportation Modes in Malaysia

Transportation brings people from one point to the next. As a foreign student, familiarizing yourself with the transportation modes in Malaysia is extremely vital. 

Commuting is essential to your student life, whether you’re traveling through the Malaysian metropolis or sightseeing outside the city. 

Here’s a quick look at transportation modes in Malaysia to help you get started:

Traveling Around the City

There are two modes of transportation in Malaysian cities: private and public. Mass transport such as trains and buses are generally cheaper than taxis and other hailing services.


Malaysia has three major types of metro railway systems: Monorail, Mass Rail Transit (MRT), and Light Rail Transit (LRT).

You need to purchase tickets to ride the metro. You can do this in two ways: one, buy a rechargeable metrocard. And two, purchase tickets at vending machines or station counters.

If you want to pay a visit to Malaysia’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur, riding the KL Monorail is a great option. The monorail runs across the entire city, with interchanging lines and connecting bus stations.

Malaysia also has a modern transportation hub called the KL Sentral that serves many trains. This also connects with local buses including those from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.


Buses are the cheapest mass transportation option for commuters. If you want to save budget, taking the bus is a smart choice.

Most Malaysian universities also provide bus services to their students. Don’t forget to take advantage of these offers as they’re often free.

Private Transportation

Riding private vehicles can be costly, but they offer more comfort, convenience, and safety. You have a variety of private rides to choose from. You can hail a private cab or taxi, or make use of car services such as Grab.

Taxis are generally more accessible as they’re always on the road. For faster and more secure transactions, you can book through an app.

Traveling to Other Malaysian Cities

Domestic Air Flights

There are certain regions in Malaysia that you can reach quicker through air travel. The Kuala Lumpur International Airport has domestic flights for people in inter-city travel.

You can also travel to neighboring countries such as Hongkong and Singapore. Some domestic flights can be costly, but you can offset the costs using student discount cards.


It’s also possible to get from one city to another through trains. Through the KL Sentral, you can even catch a ride from Malaysia to Beijing and even to Europe.

Riding trains are cheaper than air flights. However, travel time is obviously longer. 

You can try different transportation modes just to get familiar with the dynamics of commuting in Malaysia. In general, if you want convenience, comfort, and safety, opt for private rides.

But if you value saving money over all these factors, mass transport is for you. You can always shift to another type of transportation depending on where you’re going and how you want to get there.

International students must be familiar with transportation modes in Malaysia to adjust to life in the country. Look through our stories here at MSM Unify to learn more about life in Malaysia for foreign students.


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