A Quick Guide on How To Balance Your Student Life

A Quick Guide on How to Balance Your Student Life.
In college, you will undergo a lot of challenges—school work, extracurriculars, exams, and applying for scholarships. Balancing these tasks will not be easy. But there are a few ways on how you can stay on top of your responsibilities. Find out about how you can get a lot of things done without burning out:

Pace yourself

It is important to balance your study and free time. Every once in a while, should you feel like taking a break between tasks, do it. Taking breaks is crucial in pacing yourself. Also, do not overwork yourself. Working non-stop can result in burnout and even sickness. You certainly do not want to feel over-exhausted and have no motivation in the next few days to come.

Pro tip: use the Pomodoro technique. Download a Pomodoro app for you to get started. It is designed to remind you to take a break for five minutes for every 25 minutes of full-focused work. You can have the freedom to repeat this cycle and take a break as necessary until you accomplish your tasks. The goal of Pomodoro is to not distract your work while giving you the time for breaks.

Moreover, if you are given additional responsibilities, it is perfectly fine to say “no”. Give yourself some free time to help you ease a little bit.

Stay organized

It sure can be overwhelming if you have a lot on your plate. Avoid mixing things up by organizing them. Take a planner, diary, or notes. Write everything that you need to accomplish according to the levels of priority. Try to organize your school works based on each subject.

A wide array of organizers are available to help you. There is Google Keep, which is a popular notes app among students. Other organizer tools include Trello and Todoist.

Find your motivation

In these pandemic times, finding motivation may be difficult. Compared to the typical setting where students are constantly helping each other out physically, you need to motivate yourself in the online setting.

Find videos on Youtube or TikTok that share tips on time management and motivation. There are a lot of ways for you to motivate and keep your mind sane. Surround yourself with people that help you grow. Talk to your classmates about where you struggle with your studies. A healthy friendship will get you through the day.

Ask for help

Do not be shy to ask for assistance when you need it. If you are having a hard time with a certain task, get help from your teachers. You can ask for extra help sessions after class or arrange counseling meetings. After all, it is better to ask than not know anything at all.

Juggling between school work and exams to extracurriculars requires a good management skill. Now that we have given you some advice on what to do to balance tasks, we know that you are on your path to something great.

College life can be stressful at times. Learn other de-stressing tips by browsing through MSM Unify articles.


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