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A Guide to Scholarships in Malaysia

A Guide to Scholarships in Malaysia

A Guide to Scholarships in Malaysia

Studying abroad has many benefits and opens a lot of opportunities to students worldwide. However, some are discouraged because of the high costs of living and expensive tuition fees that have become synonymous with international education. For students looking for ways to fund their international education, many apply for scholarships and financial aid schemes. Some of these are offered by the government, international and domestic organizations, and even by the educational institutions themselves. In some cases, financial aid may be specific to a country or a group of people.

Malaysia is one of the most affordable cities for international students worldwide. However, it does not mean the country is short of financial aid programs for students needing financial assistance. Scholarships in Malaysia come in various forms: 

  • Through a full or partial waiver of tuition fees  
  • Through a monthly stipend 
  • Through a block grant
  • Through a combination of the above types

International students can check for the scholarships that may be right for their level of study from a specific institution through Education Malaysia’s website. They can also check specific institutions to know the requirements and eligibility for their scholarships. 

Every year, Malaysia offers scholarships to both international and local students in Malaysia’s institutions. Below, is a list of some notable scholarships international students can apply for to study in Malaysia. 

Government Scholarships 

Malaysia International Scholarship (MIS)

The MIS, an initiative of the Malaysian government aims to attract international students planning to pursue postgraduate studies in Malaysia. The scholarship covers students’ flight tickets, tuition fees, monthly allowance, book and domestic travel allowance, medical insurance, thesis allowance, and even a journal publication grant. 

International students not more than 40–45 years old can apply for a master’s or postgraduate degree in the country. Moreover, students should also obtain a minimum of 3.5 CGPA in either their bachelor’s or master’s degree. 

Aside from the required grade, applicants must pass a proof of English Proficiency through IELTS (6.5 or higher) or TOEFL iBT (92 or higher), and a written proposal that is relevant to their chosen field of study. 

Malaysia Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP)

This scholarship is offered to students from Commonwealth countries to take a postgraduate study in Malaysia from selected Malaysian universities. The scholarship covers the student’s flight tickets, tuition fee, books, health insurance, and domestic travel allowance. 

International students not more than 45 years old can apply for this scholarship. As a grade requirement, they need a CGPA of 3.5 or higher from their bachelor’s or master’s degree to apply. International students are also required to pass proof of English proficiency through IELTS (6.5 or higher) or TOEFL (580 or higher for PBT, or 230 or higher for IBT). Students should also write a proposal relevant to their chosen field of study. 

Other Scholarships 

Institutions and non-government organizations also offer scholarships to international students. 

UN University IIGH Scholarships are fellowships offered to Ph.D. students, especially to students from low to middle-income countries, and women. Successful candidates for this fellowship can get a monthly allowance of USD 1,000 for 6 to 12 months. Moreover, candidates from low to middle-income countries will also get a small travel grant from the program. Candidates must also demonstrate a level of proficiency in English. 

Alkbukhary Foundation Scholarship is offered to both Malaysian and international students aged 18 to 22 years old. Moreover, the scholarship is focused on students from lower-income families. In fact, as a requirement, international students allowed for this scholarship should come from a family with an income of USD 300 or below. 

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