6 Ways for International Students To Blend in With German Culture

6 Ways for International Students to Blend in With German Culture

Immersing in German culture is essential for international students. That doesn’t mean you have to forget your cultural background and start a new one. For the most part, it’s a form of respect to the locals while studying in Germany.

Integrating yourself into German culture is a fantastic feat. It shows your willingness to adapt to an unfamiliar environment away from home. After all, you don’t want to appear like a tourist while you’re pursuing your studies.

If you want to immerse yourself in German life, there are many ways you can try. Start with these six ways and expand your knowledge as you learn in Germany:

Indulge in German Food

If you make a list of must-try food in Germany, a single sheet isn’t enough. Of course, nothing’s better than learning culture through cuisine and culinary history.

Pair a cold glass of German beer with Sauerbraten or Currywurst. Bring your friends along if you want to start a memorable food trip.

Dress for the Weather

Germans opt for casual clothes, much like the Western style of dressing. It’s common to see people wearing jeans and simple shirts.  But when choosing your outfit, dress based on the weather.

The weather in Germany often changes quickly. It’s best to bring a set of clothes for the sunny and rainy seasons.

Embark on Outdoor Activities

Germany is your ultimate portal to limitless outdoor adventures. International students can try all sorts of sports, from football to snowboarding and skiing.

Through this, you’ll learn more about what else Germany has to offer apart from education. It introduces a new perspective on your student life as a foreign guest settling in its land.

Travel With a Purpose

Another great way to expand your cultural knowledge is to travel. You can create a bucket list of places, preferably those with cultural landmarks.

Don’t know where to start? You can read our blog on the seven must-visit places in Germany. There you can find awesome spots to spend your summer breaks in.

Start Speaking German

The German language is a big part of its culture. Most Germans speak English, but if you want to blend in with the locals, practice speaking their national language. 

Apart from blending in, there are also many benefits to learning German. For instance, it can have an impact on your academic performance. It also helps boost your confidence in mingling with the locals.

Build Friendships at Festivals

Germans love festivals and celebrations. The country is home to some of the grandest festivals the world has ever seen. For many years, it has attracted thousands of festival-goers from around the world.

Joining festivals in Germany is a great way to enjoy and meet new people. It can be a chaotic experience, but it’s worthwhile in the end. You can read our blog festivals that should be on your bucket list to get started. 

Blending in with German culture helps international students expand their cultural awareness. Dive into the safety matters next by learning how safe Germany is for international students.


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