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5 Most Affordable Universities in Ireland

5 Most Affordable Universities in Ireland 6

Ireland is a country of stunning landscape and green countryside. It is popular for its castles that are prominent throughout the country.

Aside from this, Ireland also has high-quality education with top-notch universities. To help you stay within your budget, here are affordable Irish universities that may be perfect for you:

University of Limerick

Undergraduate Tuition Fee:

3,000–5,000 euros (EU)

10,000–13,000 euros (non-EU)

Master’s Tuition Fee:

3,000–6,000 euros (EU)

6,000–12,000 euros (non-EU)

Being a young institution, the University of Limerick takes pride in having more than 70 programs in the bachelor’s and 100 plus in the postgraduate level. The University has an international student population of more than 2,000. Limerick is the country’s most affordable university for foreign postgraduate students.

You can enjoy a green landscape near a river if you choose to study at this university. Feel the breeze and enjoy beautiful natural sights every day.

Dublin Business School

Undergraduate Tuition Fee:

0–7,000 euros (EU)

10,000 Euros (non-EU)

Master’s Tuition Fee:

8,000–10,000 euros (EU)

12,500–13,500 euros (non-EU)

The Dublin Business School, also called DBS, is an education provider that offers courses in arts, media, humanities, social science, and psychology. DBS also offers third-level courses for people working and graduated from the school. This school is considered the most affordable Irish institution for the undergraduate level.

Griffith College Dublin

Undergraduate Tuition Fee:

4,000–7,000 euros (EU)

12,000 euros (non-EU)

Master’s Tuition Fee:

6,000–8,000 euros (EU)

12,000–14,000 euros (non-EU)

Griffith College also offers third-level courses, the same as DBS. This college is also known as Ireland’s largest third-level institution. A lot of international students attend Griffith since the university has international-accredited programs. Griffith has campuses in Dublin, Limerick, and Cork.

National University of Ireland

Undergraduate Tuition Fee:

5,000–6,000 euros (EU)

13,000–23,000 euros (non-EU)

Master’s Tuition Fee:

5,000–8,000 euros (EU)

15,000–18,000 euros (non-EU)

The NUI is recognized not only for its outstanding education but also its location. It is located in Galway, dubbed as the country’s friendliest and most charming city. This university is a leading research university in Ireland, making it one of the top universities in the world.

Trinity College Dublin

Undergraduate Tuition Fee:

5,000–9,000 euros (EU)

20,000–23,000 euros (non-EU)

Master’s Tuition Fee:

10,000–18,000 euros (EU)

11,000–21,000 euros (non-EU)

Trinity College is the highest-ranked institution in Ireland. Established in Dublin, this college is one of the most inexpensive Irish universities for international students. Trinity’s focus on liberal education made the study environment more proactive and interactive.

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