3 Must-See Libraries in Moscow To Visit

3 Must See Libraries in Moscow To Visit

Russia’s charismatic spell had international students rushing through its borders. While many revel in the picturesque beauty of the country, they haven’t seen it all. And if one wants to see the best of Russia, one must start with its capital city, Moscow.

Moscow’s beauty is a mosaic derived from history and modern allure. It’s brimming with unforgettable sights that make any Russian trip a perfect getaway.

Did you also know that there are many amazing libraries in Moscow? Unfortunately, we can’t mention all of them in this list. But we selected three must-see libraries that you can visit if you study or tour Moscow.

Let the bookworm in you feed in literary heaven with these three must-see libraries:

The Dostoevsky Library

Named after one of Russia’s most celebrated writers, the Dostoevsky Library is a must-see for book lovers. Throughout the years, the library underwent many transformations to uphold the library culture in Moscow.

During the emergence of the internet, the library almost became a relic of the past. Today, it blends with the busy city culture, providing a space to escape and relax.

Each day, the library holds around three to four events. Here you can enjoy readings and language clubs. Its urban space makes up for a wonderful informal learning and reading experience.

The Turgenev Library and Reading Room

If you want to bask in a historical atmosphere, the Turgenev Library and Reading Room is the place for you. Inaugurated in the memory of famous writer Ivan Turgenev, the library is every bookworm’s dream.

The Turgenevka is the first reading room in Moscow to be open for everyone without any charge. This makes it a perfect place to finish a book or two after a tiring day.

Other than its architectural glory, this library has more to offer. Here you can watch book presentations or join contests. These activities happen regularly so you can catch one during your visit.

The Russian State Library

The Russian State Library is an absolute icon in the literary culture in Moscow. With a sprawling 47 million items in its collection, it’s the largest library in all of Russia!

Take a trip to this library and get a chance to see its incredible reading room. Adorning each table are its famous green lamps that had been the hallmark of the library. The wooden tables are also timeless pieces to behold.

Muscovites call this library “The Leninka” (having previously been named after Vladimir Lenin). Here, you can come across a wide range of readers. You’ll see university students like you, tourists, and professional scholars in Russia.

Other Great Libraries To See

There are so many wonderful libraries in Moscow that warrant a special mention in this list. Here are some worth looking into:

  • Eisenstein Motion Picture Art Library
  • The Russian State Youth Library
  • The Photo Library
  • Prospekt Library

There are many must-see libraries in Moscow for international students to visit. Eager to discover more of Russia’s offerings? See our other articles here at MSM Unify.


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