What You Need To Know About University Dormitories in Russia

What You Need To Know About University Dormitories in Russia

What You Need To Know About University Dormitories in Russia

The majority of international students in Russia live in dormitories unless their chosen institution is not offering one, or they choose to rent outside the campus. 

Moreover, not only do dormitories offer affordability in rent, but they are also close to institutions, or a few minutes’ walk from it. 

Aside from those, here are some of the things you need to know about university dormitories in Russia.

Different Types of Dormitories in Russia

There are different types of dormitories in Russia depending on the institution. The first three types, the corridor type, block type, and apartment types, are usually all available in an institution. 

In some cases, you are allowed to choose (if there are still slots), in other cases (for example, because of your degree program), they’re automatically assigned to you. Moreover, here are the most common types. 

Corridor-type dormitories include tenants living on one floor. Also, on the same floor, they share different amenities, like the shower room, lavatories, and kitchens. 

Block type dormitories are divided into blocks where each block contains two to four rooms for tenants. Moreover, each block has its bathroom, shower room, kitchen, and other amenities, like a study area, dining area, and so on. 

Apartment-type dormitories’ living quarters usually have their bathroom and kitchen.  

Hotel-style dormitories. In other universities, aside from the three types discussed above, some offer hotel-style dormitories to students. In some cases, they’re offered to students staying in Russia for a shorter time, or those attending seminars or summits. 

What To Expect in Russia’s University Dormitories 

You Get To Live With Other Students

When staying in Russia’s university dormitories, expect to live with other people in the same room. In most cases, undergraduate students are usually given rooms for two to four persons. However, if you are already taking a master’s degree, you may be offered a room for two people or a room for single occupancy. 

As an international student, you may live in a dormitory where other international students stay or with Russian students. 

You Get To Interact With Other Students 

Of course, when you live in a dormitory, it is automatic that you get to interact with other students. In some cases, universities themselves decide on who to put in each room. For example, international students who need to improve their Russian language are put in a room with other Russian students. 

In some cases, students from different countries are put in one room to encourage cross-cultural communication and learning. Also, because dormitories in Russia have their kitchens, students can cook their own country’s food, introducing them to other students. 


Russian dormitories are also safe. Because they are under the management of the university, most dormitories have their CCTV cameras installed in the vicinity. Also, patrols and guards are guarding the place 24/7. 

When getting inside dormitories, different dormitories have different ways to increase security when allowing students to enter. 

Others make use of passes to get into the dormitories, while others even have fingerprint scanners at the entrance. Each building also has its fire safety alarm system. 

Russian Dormitory Rental Fees

Rental fees differ, depending on the following factors. The university’s location (city center, outside the city center, urban, or countryside), dormitory type, how many students can stay in the room, the amenities, comfort level, and so on. 

Moreover, depending on those factors, according to Educations.com, university dormitories in Russia can range from RUB 500 to RUB 5,000 per month. 

Learn more useful tips and information about Russia as a study destination by checking our array of articles at MSM Unify. If you want to know how much you should save before studying in Russia, check our article on Cost of Living in Russia for International Students.


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