The Role of International Students in Canada’s Growth

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For many countries, international students are travelers who simply contribute to the international education sector and bring in revenues for colleges and universities. While this is true for the most part, Canada views these students as being more than just economic assets.

Canada views international students as being contributors not only to the economy, particularly the education sector, but the entire country as well. These international students can help build and strengthen communities, as well as the country itself.

Canada already took in around 300,000 international students. And this was in 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic. It hopes to increase this number to around 400,000 annually. 

But how exactly does Canada view international students as being key contributors to growth?

  • Communities: Each international student brings a unique perspective. Not only one of his or her own personality but their culture and heritage as well. Combine all these into a group and you’ve got a diverse cultural community with a colorful background filled with heritage. While this may seem like a hodge-podge of vast personalities, it can actually blend together to form one cohesive unit that opens each one to a different view of the world. This, in turn, can help broaden perspectives and help each one move forward more easily on their chosen path.
  • The economy: Of course, economic growth is a natural consequence. Each international student brings revenue not only to the college or university they attend but the economy as well. Beyond this, however, students who choose to stay after graduation can find employment  and hopefully, a fulfilling career. This will then help boost productivity and lead to economic prosperity. 

Of course, completing their studies is one thing. But getting these international students to stay after graduation is another story altogether. This is why Canada makes it easy and even enticing for international students to migrate to Canada even after they complete their higher education. 

Different incentive programs, along with companies that offer students the opportunity to build their careers are on offer. One such example is the higher pay that international students with a Canadian education receive once they start working. It’s like a reward for all their hard work. 

At this point, Canada also sees international students as helping it recover from the ill effects of the pandemic. With more international students returning to in-person and face-to-face classes in colleges and universities, the country hopes to get back on track not only in the higher education sector but as a whole. 


Canada: International students play “essential role” in community (

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