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Scholarships and Acceptance Rate in Yale University for International Students

Scholarships and Acceptance Rate in Yale University for International Students

It was built to teach Sacred Languages and Theology. In the year 1861, Yale made history by awarding the first doctorate after the subsequent introduction of Sciences and Humanities.

At present, Yale offers different programs that will match a student’s interest. From undergraduate to graduate school, Yale takes pride in producing excellent students in different fields. These include the Arts & Sciences, Medicine, Law, Divinity, Music, Fine Arts, Architecture, Environment, Public Health, Nursing, Management, and Drama.

If you are interested in getting into Yale, you are in the right place. We will provide you with some needed information about this top-notch university.

Acceptance Rate

Yale University holds an acceptance rate of 6.3%. This is considered a competitive rate wherein only a few students are accepted. Included in this rate are international students from 57 countries.

Scholarships for International Students in Yale

Undergraduate Scholarships

Financial Aid

If you’re worried about how you can get into Yale without enough money, financial aid is perfect for you. This is a need-based award program that is awarded regardless of citizenship or immigration status, which helps you as you won’t need student loans to support your studies.

This is given for 100% scholarship coverage. The Yale Financial Aid consists of a two-part program that includes either entitlement grant, external scholarship, or Yale scholarship. The other part is a Student Share, which enables students to contribute from their part-time or summer job earnings.

Yale gives a chance to everybody, but the preference is granted to families with an annual income of less than $65,000. All of the students in this bracket are given financial support of $70,686. While 99% of the students from the higher brackets are given financial aid, too.

Yale Scholarship

Also a need-based award for students, the Yale Scholarship does not require repayment. If you are granted this scholarship, you are bound to have a scholarship amount of a few hundred dollars to $70,000. Qualified students are notified through the Financial Aid letter.

Graduate Scholarships

Financial Assistance for Master’s Programs

Yale stays true to serving students from different backgrounds and countries. Its Master’s program can also be applied for financial assistance. The scholarship amount depends on the student’s demonstrated need.

However, scholarships for Master’s may vary depending on the school and student. For example, an MA Architecture student may be offered an Individual Resource Scholarship since he cannot give financial details of his parents.

On the other hand, those that can provide such information are granted the Family Resource Scholarship. This covers a higher amount, mainly if the student’s household is confirmed to be needing dire financial help.

Yale University Fellowship

Awarded by the Graduate School of Arts & Science to everyone who is a Ph.D. applicant. This fellowship is normally given to first and second-year doctorate students, according to merit and recommendations.

Once awarded, you will be supported for a minimum of five years. Aside from tuition-free coverage, the Yale fellowship also provides basic health coverage, with some even qualified for a Health Award. You cannot accept other financial aids if you are already a fellow.

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