Questions to Ask Yourself If You’re Ready for Grad School

Questions to Ask Yourself If Youre Ready for Grad School e1645074516467

Take this academic challenge because you want to achieve it not just because you want a way out of your job. To know whether you are ready to take on the journey of grad school, ask these questions to yourself:

What do I want to study?

A very important thing to have before getting into grad school is your willingness to get into it. You need to have a clear sense of what you should study, something that makes you curious and does not make you bored. 

If you know what specific study you will take, the better. This will strengthen your application. For example, if you want to apply for a Ph.D. in Engineering, discover what your focal point of study should be. Let’s say, sanitary engineering or construction materials. Or maybe if you like to take a Ph.D. in English, identify if you should concentrate on the American literature in the 19th century.

Take your time to know which topic best suits you until you feel confident about it.

What are my plans after grad school?

You may not want to think about what the future holds but this is a crucial factor in whether it is right for you to pursue grad school. Learn about your career path with your Ph.D. degree once you graduate.

Law, med, and business schools attract a lot of applicants since these schools established the reputation of providing careers after graduation. Probably the most popular road for a Ph.D. track is the academe. While other fields have less career certainty.

Am I financially capable?

It is not a secret that grad schools are expensive. If you are currently on a student loan and you have a lot of debt yet to pay, maybe you want to reassess. Taking a course in grad school without considering if you are financially prepared could take a toll on you.

Fortunately, some programs are fully funded in the Ph.D., with a chance to be granted a stipend. On the other hand, master’s programs provide less financial assistance with student loans as a requirement.

If you are not that well-off, some financial aid and scholarships may be awarded to you. A part-time job is also a good option to support your study and other living expenses.

Should I panic if I was out of school for years?

The answer is no. Admissions officers appreciate a student who is willing to take on a challenge. They will be happy that you have considered their programs in your options. Keep up with this transition by taking pathway programs before you get into grad school as a regular student. Before you know it, you will get through this phase in no time.

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