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How To Get Student Discounts on International Flights

How To Get Student Discounts on International Flights

How To Get Student Discounts on International Flights

International flights can be costly. And if you’re an international student about to start your journey abroad, flying can be too expensive. You’d want to find ways to save on your travel.

There are different ways to save on international flights. That involves taking advantage of your status as a student.

Here are some ways to book international flights without breaking the bank:

Search for Flights Early

Searching for flights months before your departure can help you save a lot on international flights.

Start searching for flights 2 to 4 months before your school semester starts. This will give you time to search for airline ticket prices and compare student discounts from different agencies.

Searching early will also give you an idea of how airline ticket prices move. And if you’re lucky, you may stumble upon a sale announcement or release coupons for future flight discounts.

Books Flights With a Student Agency

Consider booking your flight through a student agency. These agencies usually cater specifically to students who are traveling internationally to study abroad.

It’s always a smart solution to take advantage of your student status to score cheaper flights. Student agencies can also help you find the perfect flight within your budget.

Depending on your country of origin and the terms set by the student agency, you can generally expect up to a 30% discount on an international flight.

Just make sure to carefully choose a student agency. There are student agencies that are affiliated with your institutions and they’re usually the right ones to trust. But if you’re booking through an independent agency, do your research on the company first. 

Look Out for Ticket Sales

One of the best ways to save on international flights is to watch out for ticket sales.

Most airlines offer sales at different times of the year. They usually announce these sales on their websites or through their social media pages.

During your search, follow a few airline companies and book important pages. Make sure to also turn on your notifications to stay updated with their upcoming sales.

Sometimes sales can happen spontaneously, so you need to make sure that you’re always notified when that happens. But don’t buy every ticket that is on sale; just watch out for the one that will lead you to your country of destination.

Use Your Student Discount Card

Student discount cards offer many benefits and discounts for travel and leisure, and this may include international flights.

Student discount cards such as ISIC and the ISE card can be used to get discounts on flights. This can be extremely helpful when you’re trying to save extra cash to fund your stay in the country.

Depending on what discount card you have and the terms and benefits they offer, you can typically enjoy student discounts on international flights. Other discount cards can only be used for domestic flights.

To stretch out the benefits of your discount card, you can even use it on public transportation once you arrive at your destination.

International flights can be costly, but your student status can give you significant discounts on airfare. Make reading MSM Unify articles a part of your routine to discover more ways to save when flying internationally.


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